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Martin Dulig (2019)

Martin Tobias Dulig (born February 26, 1974 in Plauen ) is a German politician ( SPD ). Since October 2009 he has been chairman of the SPD Saxony and since November 2014 Minister of State for Economics, Labor and Transport of the Free State of Saxony . He has been the Prime Minister's second deputy since 2019, after having been first deputy for the previous five years.


Dulig comes from a parental home influenced by the church, his father Gerhard Dulig was a lecturer at a Protestant deacon house. He spent the first months of his life in Ruppertsgrün in what was then the district of Plauen-Land , where he was baptized. He later grew up in Meißen and Moritzburg . He has three older brothers. Like them, he did not take part in mass organizations close to the state such as young pioneers , youth consecration or FDJ , but became involved in the young community . Dulig's brothers were not allowed to take a high school diploma under the SED regime, and he himself was not initially admitted to an educational path in preparation for the Abitur. This only changed in the course of the Peaceful Revolution in autumn 1989.

After completing his vocational training as a bricklayer with a high school diploma (1990 to 1992), Dulig worked until 1998 as a youth education officer in the SPD regional association of Saxony and the German trade union federation (DGB). From 1998 to 2004 he studied educational science and social pedagogy at the Technical University of Dresden and graduated as a qualified pedagogue . Since then he has been a member of the SPD in the Saxon state parliament .

Martin Dulig lives in Moritzburg, has been married since 1992, father of six children and grandfather of 4 grandchildren. He is a member of ver.di and the AWO .


Martin Dulig (2014)

During the fall of the Wall, Dulig was a co-founder of the Young Social Democrats (youth organization of the Social Democratic Party in the GDR ). He joined the SPD in 1992 and was elected state chairman of the Jusos in 1999. He held this office until 2004. Since 1999 he has been represented on the state executive committee of his party. From 2004 to 2007 he took over the chairmanship of the SPD sub-district Dresden-Elbe-Röder . After its division, he was chairman of the Meissen sub-district until 2009.

Since October 2004 he has been a member of the Saxon state parliament and in January 2005 was elected to the office of parliamentary director of the SPD parliamentary group . In 2007 he took over the chairmanship of the parliamentary group from Cornelius Weiss .

On October 24, 2009 he was elected as the new chairman of the Saxon SPD at an extraordinary state party conference. He took over the office of Thomas Jurk . Dulig has been a member of the SPD party executive since December 2011 . On October 12, 2013, Martin Dulig was elected his party's top candidate for the state elections in 2014 with 95.4 percent of the vote at the state party conference in Annaberg-Buchholz .

In addition to his partisan work, he is involved in the advisory board of the Forum Ostdeutschland der Sozialdemokratie e. V. , as federal chairman of the Network for Democracy and Courage e. V. , in the Board of Trustees Innovationsforum Ost e. V. in Potsdam, as a member of the scientific advisory board of the Academy for Management and Consulting e. V. , as chairman of Impreuna Bridges to Eastern Europe e. V. and on the advisory board of the Saxon Workers' Welfare Association (AWO).

Together with the three other group leaders Steffen Flath (CDU), Holger Zastrow (FDP) and Antje Hermenau (GREEN) Dulig received by State Parliament President Matthias Roessler in appreciation of their work to the inclusion of new borrowing ban in the Saxon constitution in May 2014, the Saxon Constitutional Medal .

Saxon Minister of Economics

Martin Dulig (l.), Michael Kretschmer (m.) And Jörg Urban (r.) At the election evening for the state elections in Saxony 2019

In the state elections on August 31, 2014 , Dulig was the top candidate of the SPD Saxony . He was elected to the state parliament via the state list of his party. After a black-red coalition was concluded as a result of the state elections in November 2014 , Stanislaw Tillich (CDU) appointed Dulig as Minister of State for Economics, Labor and Transport and Deputy Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony on November 13, 2014 . On November 24, 2014, Dirk Panter was elected as his successor as parliamentary group leader.

In the state election in Saxony on September 1, 2019 , Dulig was again the top candidate of the SPD and was re-elected to the Saxon state parliament via the state list. On December 20, 2019, he was again appointed Minister of State for Economy, Labor and Transport for the State of Saxony. In addition, he became the second deputy prime minister, which is the first time that this office exists in Saxony, the reason for this being that Wolfram Günther from the Greens is the actual deputy of Michael Kretschmer and Dulig holds the new office out of party proportional representation.

During the corona pandemic, Dulig was sharply criticized for his crisis management as Minister of Economics and in part because of his statements to the Saxon economy. A massive problem was that the emergency aid, for which he provided 120 million euros, was completely incorrectly estimated; after a few weeks, the actual need was already over 500 million euros. Prime Minister Kretschmer then criticized the gap in the middle class that Dulig's measures left behind. In addition, the Association of the Saxon Economy criticized the fact that Saxony is one of the few federal states that does not offer any grants, only loans. The FDP member of the Bundestag, Torsten Herbst, criticized the statements made by the Minister for Economic Affairs, in which he spoke of "all-in-inclusive packages" for the economy, and also the inadequacies of the previous support program. Dulig himself rates his measures as sufficient and overall successful, but admits his own mistakes, such as the crash of the Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB) website .


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