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Stephan Weil (2018)

Stephan-Peter Weil (born December 15, 1958 in Hamburg ) is a German politician ( SPD ). Since February 2013 he has been Prime Minister of Lower Saxony and since January 2012 chairman of the SPD Lower Saxony . Weil was Lord Mayor of the Lower Saxony state capital Hanover from November 2006 to January 2013 .


Family, education and work

Weil's parents come from Upper Silesia ; his father was a qualified engineer, his mother an economist. He has lived in Hanover since 1965, where he graduated from the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gymnasium in 1977 . After his community service he began to study law in Göttingen in 1978 , which he completed in 1983 with the first state examination in law. In 1986, after completing his legal clerkship, he passed the second state examination in law. After his marriage in 1987, Weil worked as a lawyer in Hanover. From 1989 he worked as a public prosecutor and judge , where he also worked in the Lower Saxony Ministry of Justice . From 1994 Weil was employed as a ministerial advisor in the Ministry of Justice. From 1997 to the end of October 2006 he held the office of city ​​treasurer of Hanover.

Stephan Weil was baptized and raised a Catholic ; he left the church in the early 1980s, but still describes himself as a believing Christian.

He lives in Hannover-Kirchrode , is married to Rosemarie Kerkow-Weil and has one son. Weil is a member of ver.di , the AWO and a Rotary Club . Since the 2000s, he has repeatedly taken part as a runner in competitions as part of the Hannover Marathon and is a fan of the Hannover 96 football club .


Social Democratic Party of Germany

Weil joined the SPD in September 1980; he belongs to the local association Kirchrode-Bemerode-Wülferode. Weil was chairman of the Jusos in the Hanover district and chairman of the city association of the SPD Hanover. On January 20, 2012, he was elected regional chairman of the SPD Lower Saxony and confirmed in this office on April 26, 2014.

Local politics in Hanover

Stephan Weil in 2009 with the chain of office of the Lord Mayor of Hanover

Weil was elected mayor candidate of the SPD in May 2006 and competed on September 10 against the CDU- OB candidate Dirk Toepffer and the green OB candidate Ingrid Wagemann , among others . He was elected with an absolute majority in the first ballot and succeeded Herbert Schmalstieg on November 1, 2006 , who has held the office of Lord Mayor, who is also head of administration, since 1996 and as honorary Lord Mayor in the role of Chairman of the Council since 1972 held. The mayor's term of office is eight years; Weil resigned in January 2013.

From January 2008, Weil answered questions from citizens live on television every month. Until his nomination as the top candidate of the SPD in November 2011, the program Why, Mr. Weil was broadcast on the local station h1 every third Tuesday of the month .

State politics Lower Saxony

Assumption of office in the Lower Saxony State Chancellery ; from left: Christine Hawighorst and David McAllister , Stephan Weil and Jörg Mielke
Stephan Weil in the Federal Council, 2019

In September 2011, Weil announced that he was running for his party's top candidacy in the 2013 state election . The candidate was determined on November 27, 2011 in a membership decision, in which, in addition to Weil, the then Lower Saxony SPD state chairman Olaf Lies stood . Weil was chosen as the SPD's top candidate with 53.3 percent of the votes. In March 2012 he was unanimously set up as the SPD direct candidate for the Hanover-Buchholz state electoral district . At the state party conference in Hameln on July 7, 2012, Weil was elected to first place in the state list for the 2013 state election with 98.95 percent.

In the 2013 state elections , the SPD and Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen together received one more seat than the previous governing coalition of the CDU and FDP under David McAllister . In February 2013, Weil was elected Prime Minister with the required 69 votes and then led a red-green coalition ( Weil I cabinet ).

Weil, who has been a member of the Federal Council since taking office , was elected Second Vice President of the Federal Council on March 1, 2013 . On November 1, 2013, Weil took over the office of Federal Council President , which he held until October 31, 2014. From November 1, 2014 to October 31, 2015, he was the First Vice President of the Federal Council. There he is the first deputy chairman of the committee for questions of the European Union and a member of the European Chamber as well as a full member of the mediation committee of the Bundestag and Bundesrat.

Weil has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG since 2013 by virtue of his office as Prime Minister and has been a member of the Supervisory Board Presidium since February 19, 2013.

After Elke Twesten, member of the state parliament, joined the CDU in early August 2017 from the Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen parliamentary group, Weil's governing coalition lost its majority in the state parliament. The parliamentary groups then agreed on an early election on October 15, 2017 . From this election, the SPD emerged as the strongest force for the first time since the state elections in 1998 , but the red-green government coalition lost its majority in the state parliament. Weil then formed a coalition with the second-placed CDU and was re-elected as Prime Minister by the state parliament on November 22, 2017. He received 104 of 137 votes, one vote less than the SPD and CDU coalition groups in the state parliament. Since then, he has led the Weil II cabinet as a grand coalition .

Other offices

Weil is also on the board of trustees of the Robert Enke Foundation and has been its chairman since 2014. He is also a member of the board of trustees of the Kestnergesellschaft Hannover and of the Friends of Hannover .

Weil's former offices that he filled during his tenure as Lord Mayor of Hanover included:

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