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The SPD party executive heads the Social Democratic Party of Germany . It implements the resolutions of the party congress and also adopts resolutions on important political issues. The party executive convenes the party congress . From the party executive committee emerges as the executive committee the party presidium, which includes the two chairmen, the deputy chairmen, the general secretary , the treasurer and the person responsible for the European Union as well as other assessors elected from among the board members.


According to the organizational statute, the SPD party executive consists of:

  • the chairperson or two chairpersons with equal rights, including one woman,
  • five deputy chairmen,
  • the general secretary,
  • the cashier (treasurer),
  • the person responsible for the party executive for the European Union and
  • a number of additional members to be determined by the party congress


  • the chairperson of the control commission (takes part in the meetings of the party executive committee in an advisory capacity).

Advisory board members are not party board members within the meaning of Section 11 (2) of the Political Parties Act.


After the election at the party congress on December 6 and 7, 2019, the party executive committee will include:

Surname function photo
Saskia Esken Party leader 2019-09-10 SPD regional conference team Esken Walter-Borjans by OlafKosinsky MG 0453 (cropped) .jpg
Norbert Walter-Borjans Party leader Hard but fair 2018-10-08-8555.jpg
Klara Geywitz vice-chairman 2019-09-10 SPD regional conference Klara Geywitz by OlafKosinsky MG 2520.jpg
Hubertus Heil Deputy Chairman of the
Federal Minister for Labor and Social Affairs
State election Nds 2013 by Stepro IMG 9157.JPG
Kevin Kühnert Deputy Chairman
Federal Chairman of the Jusos
Maischberger - 2019-03-06-6434.jpg
Serpil Midyatli Deputy Chairwoman of
the SPD Schleswig-Holstein
1940-ri-171-Serpil Midyatli SPD.jpg
Anke Rehlinger Deputy Chairwoman
Minister for Economy, Labor, Energy and Transport of the Saarland
Chairwoman of the SPD Saarland
2019-10-10 Anke Rehlinger by OlafKosinsky MG 5116.jpg
Lars Klingbeil Secretary General 2018-03-12 Signing of the coalition agreement for the 19th electoral term of the Bundestag by Sandro Halank – 047.jpg
Dietmar Nietan Treasurer Dietmar Nietan Member of the Bundestag, 2013.jpg
Udo Bullmann Responsible for the European Union Udo Bullmann, Germany-MIP-Europaparlament-by-Leila-Paul-1.jpg
Presidium members
Doris ancestors Minister of Finance of Rhineland-Palatinate Doris Ahnen-7462.jpg
Katja Pähle Group leader in the state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt Member of the state parliament and SPD parliamentary group chairman in the state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt Dr.  Katja Pähle (SPD) (cropped) .png
Leni Breymaier 2017-03-19 Leni Breymaier SPD party conference by Olaf Kosinsky-1.jpg
Martin Dulig Minister of State for Economy, Labor and Transport of Saxony,
Chairman of the SPD Saxony
2016-12-15 Martin Dulig (State Parliament Project Saxony) by Sandro Halank.jpg
Michaela Engelmeier Engelmeier, Michaela-9031.jpg
Wiebke Esdar 2020-02-13 Wiebke Esdar (KPFC) 01.jpg
Franziska Giffey Federal Minister for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth MJK 19248 Franziska Giffey (SPD Federal Party Conference 2018) .jpg
Kerstin Griese Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs 2014-09-11 - Kerstin Griese Member of the Bundestag - 7821.jpg
Uli Grötsch General Secretary of the BayernSPD
Gustav Horn
Oliver Kaczmarek Kaczmarek, Oliver-1171.jpg
Heiko Maas Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs 2017-03-26 Heiko Maas by Sandro Halank – 4.jpg
Bettina Martin Minister for Education, Science and Culture of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Matthias Miersch Deputy Chairman of the SPD parliamentary group Miersch, Matthias-8903.jpg
Aydan Özoğuz 2015-12 Aydan Özoğuzl SPD Federal Party Congress by Olaf Kosinsky-141cr.jpg
Boris Pistorius Minister of the Interior and Sport of Lower Saxony Profile picture Boris Pistorius.jpg
Michael Roth Minister of State at the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Press photo StM Michael Roth MdB 01.jpg
Sarah Ryglewski Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Finance 2014-07-16 - Ryglewski, Sarah MdBB - 4275.jpg
Dagmar Schmidt Schmidt, Dagmar-1443.jpg
Svenja Schulze Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety 2493ri SPD, Svenja Schulze.jpg
Alexander Schweitzer Group leader in the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament 2014-02-20 - Alexander Schweitzer - State Government of Rhineland-Palatinate - 2676.jpg
Andreas Stoch Chairman of the parliamentary group in the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg,
chairman of the SPD Baden-Württemberg
Johanna Uekermann 2017-03-19 Johanna Uekermann SPD party conference by Olaf Kosinsky-5.jpg
Dietmar Woidke Prime Minister of Brandenburg
Chairman of the SPD Brandenburg
Dietmar Woidke M-0212 36139 Detail Color Hoffotografen.jpg

Web links


  1. party leadership spd.de
  2. organizational statute spd.de
  3. The total number of members of the party executive committee must not exceed 34. Among the members to be elected individually, men and women must be represented by at least 40% among the members of the party executive committee. The gender quota should also be taken into account when electing the deputy.