School and Vocational Training Authority

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Authority for Schools and Vocational Training of
the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
- BSB -

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State level Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
position Supreme state authority
Headquarters Hamburg
Authority management Senator Ties Rabe
President of the School and Vocational Training Authority
Budget volume EUR 2.686 billion (2019)
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The former high school authority built by Fritz Schumacher from 1911 to 1913 at Dammtorstraße 25.
The current headquarters in Hamburger Strasse .

The Hamburg Authority for Schools and Vocational Education and Training (abbreviation BSB) is one of eleven specialist authorities of the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the responsible ministry for education policy in the Hanseatic city. The authority is based at Hamburger Straße 31 in Barmbek-Süd .

The current school senator and president of the school and vocational training authority has been Ties Rabe ( SPD ) since March 23, 2011 .


The Scholarchat, a municipal supervisory authority for the Hamburg school system, has existed since the Reformation . In 1871, a new high school authority was created, which was divided into four sections (1. Scientific institutions, 2. Higher schools including private schools, 3. Elementary schools including teacher seminars, 4. Country schools). Until 1914, the authority was also responsible for trade schools, which were then spun off into a separate vocational school authority. After the University of Hamburg was founded in 1921, the previous Section 1 was transferred to the newly created university authority. In 1931, under the impression of the global economic crisis and the resulting public financial crisis, the high school and vocational school authorities were reunited to form the state school authority, and in 1933 they were merged with the university authority to form the state education authority .

After the Second World War, the authority was then initially continued under the name of the school authority and continued to be responsible for the universities until the establishment of a separate science authority in 1971. At times it also included the areas of youth and sport, which was partly reflected in changing official titles. In 2007, supervision of vocational schools was outsourced to an independent state company , the Hamburg Institute for Vocational Education and Training .


Authority management

Senator Ties Rabe , President of the School and Vocational Training Authority (S)
State Councilor Rainer Schulz (SV)

  • Senator's Office (S1)
  • Presidential Department (PA)
  • Internal Audit (IR)

Office for Education

Office management and at the same time state school board : Thorsten Altenburg-Hack (B)

  • Department of technical supervision of elementary and special schools, administration service, projects, supervision of the districts of Hamburg-Mitte, Eimsbüttel and Bergedorf (B 1)
  • Department of technical supervision of the district schools and schools in private ownership, service supervision of the district of Wandsbek, Representation B (B 2)
  • Department of technical supervision for high schools and international affairs, service supervision for the districts of Altona, Hamburg-Nord and Harburg (B 3)
  • School and personnel organization department, school location planning and all-day education and care, education in the region and refugee schooling (B 4)
  • Department of career and study orientation, organization of school and teaching development, inclusion, supervision of regional education and advice centers, violence prevention, Europe and international affairs (B 5)

Office of Administration

Office management: Hannes Alpheis (V), responsible for the budget of the BSB

  • Corporate Data and Information Technology Department (V 1)
  • Finance and Central Services Department (V 2)
  • Legal department (V 3)
  • Human Resources Department (V 4)
  • Real estate affairs (V 5)

Institutions and state companies

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