Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family

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Department for Education, Youth and Family - SenBJF -

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State level
position Supreme state authority
Headquarters Berlin
Authority management Sandra Scheeres ,
Senator for Education, Youth and Family
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The Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family (SenBJF for short) is one of ten specialist administrations of the Berlin Senate with the rank of a state ministry and as such part of the state government as well as the highest state authority responsible for education , school , youth and family policy in the German capital . Until December 2016, the authority was also responsible for science and university policy , which, however, became the responsibility of the Berlin Senate Chancellery .

Sandra Scheeres ( SPD ) has been the current Senator for Education since December 1, 2011 . She is supported by the two state secretaries Beate Stoffers (SPD) for the area of ​​education and Sigrid Klebba (SPD) for the area of ​​youth and family. Until April 2019, Mark Rackles (SPD) was responsible for Beate Stoffers.

Tasks and organization

The Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family is divided into six departments. It also includes the school inspectors in the twelve districts, the Social Pedagogical Training Institute Berlin-Brandenburg (SFBB), the Berlin State Center for Political Education and the joint State Institute for School and Media Berlin-Brandenburg (LISUM).

The organization in detail:

  • Central Service Department (ZS)
  • I. School advice and supervision ( regional school board ), personnel management and school development planning
  • II. Basic matters and law of the education system as well as teacher training
  • III. Youth and Child Protection
  • IV. School-based vocational training
  • V. Family and Early Childhood Education

Berlin's education senators since 1951

Senator Political party Start of office End of office Department designation
Joachim Tiburtius CDU 0February 1, 1951 March 11, 1963 Popular education
Carl-Heinz Evers SPD March 11, 1963 0March 4th 1970 School system
Gerd Löffler SPD March 12, 1970 April 25, 1975
Walter Rasch FDP April 25, 1975 June 11, 1981
Hanna-Renate Laurien CDU June 11, 1981 March 16, 1989 School system, youth and sport;

from April 18, 1985: school system, vocational training and sport

Sybille Volkholz independent March 16, 1989 November 19, 1990 School, vocational training and sport
Jürgen Klemann CDU January 24, 1991 January 25, 1996
Ingrid Stahmer SPD January 25, 1996 0December 9, 1999 School, youth and sport
Klaus Böger SPD 0December 9, 1999 November 23, 2006 School, youth and sport;

from January 17th, 2002: Education, youth and sport

Jürgen Zöllner SPD November 23, 2006 November 30, 2011 Education, science and research
Sandra Scheeres SPD November 30, 2011 in office Education, youth and science;

since December 8, 2016: Education, youth and family

Of particular importance were always the civil servant state school councils as head of the school supervision such as Paul Fechner (SPD) (1951–59), Herbert Bath (SPD until 1985) (1966–91) or Hans-Jürgen Pokall (CDU) (1991–2009).

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