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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the city of Herborn
Map of Germany, position of the city of Herborn highlighted

Coordinates: 50 ° 41 ′  N , 8 ° 18 ′  E

Basic data
State : Hesse
Administrative region : to water
County : Lahn-Dill district
Height : 204 m above sea level NHN
Area : 63.8 km 2
Residents: 20,543 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 322 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 35745
Primaries : 02772,
02777 ( Schönbach )Template: Infobox municipality in Germany / maintenance / area code contains text
License plate : LDK, DIL
Community key : 06 5 32 012
City structure: 10 districts

City administration address :
Hauptstrasse 39
35745 Herborn
Website : www.herborn.de
Mayoress : Katja Gronau (independent)
Location of the city of Herborn in the Lahn-Dill district
Dietzhölztal Haiger Eschenburg Siegbach Dillenburg Breitscheid (Hessen) Driedorf Greifenstein (Hessen) Bischoffen Herborn Sinn (Hessen) Mittenaar Hohenahr Ehringshausen Aßlar Lahnau Wetzlar Hüttenberg (Hessen) Solms Leun Braunfels Schöffengrund Waldsolms Nordrhein-Westfalen Rheinland-Pfalz Landkreis Marburg-Biedenkopf Landkreis Gießen Wetteraukreis Hochtaunuskreis Landkreis Limburg-Weilburgmap
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Herborn is a historic half-timbered town on the Dill in the Lahn-Dill district in central Hesse , which was already promoting itself as "Nassauisches Rothenburg " before the First World War . It is characterized by a closed historical old town with many monuments from eight centuries, which is counted among the best preserved medieval city complexes in Germany.

In May 2016, the city of Herborn hosted the 56th Hessentag . In the same year Herborn was awarded the honorary title of “ European Reformation City ” by the Community of Evangelical Churches in Europe .


View from the east of Herborn


Herborn is located in the middle of the Dilltal to the left and right of the river that flows through the city from north to south. In the west rises the Westerwald ('forest west of the Königsgut Herborn'), in the east the Hörre with the Hohe Warte (2.6 km east-southeast; 405 m). The highest mountain in the entire municipality, the Hirschbergkoppe (538 m), is 5½ km to the southwest . The lowest point is on the Dill on the border with Sinn (193 m).

Neighboring communities

Herborn borders the city of Dillenburg in the north, the municipality of Siegbach in the northeast, the municipality of Mittenaar in the east, the municipality of Sinn in the southeast, the municipality of Greifenstein in the south and the municipalities of Driedorf and Breitscheid in the west (all in the Lahn- Dill circle).

City structure

Herborn consists of the core city with 8,986 inhabitants (January 1, 2020) and the districts of Amdorf , Burg , Guntersdorf , Hirschberg , Hörbach , Merkenbach , Schönbach , Seelbach and Uckersdorf .


middle Ages

View of Herborn (detail), from Topographia Hassiae by Matthäus Merian , 1655

Herborn was in 1048 first documented in 1251 and was at the instigation of Count Walram II. And Otto I of Nassau , the town charter .

The place was a suburb of the Herborner Mark ( Herbore marca, Herboremarca ) named after him , which was fiercely contested during the disputes over sovereignty between the Counts of Nassau and the Landgraves of Hesse (or Hesse-Thuringia). These disputes and fierce battles have gone down in history under the heading of the “hundred-year-old Dernbach feud ” (around 1230 to 1333).

high school

The building of the high school in Herborn (1588–1817)
Memorial plaque for Johann Amos Comenius on the building of the former High School in Herborn

In 1584 Herborn received the high school , founded by Johann VI. von Nassau-Dillenburg , a younger brother of Wilhelm von Orange and namesake of today's Johanneum high school .

1584 was by Count Johann VI. Nassau-Dillenburg founded the Academia Nassauensis, the High School Herborn. This university, which was reformed from the beginning by its founding father, the theologian Caspar Olevian , and at the same time similar to a university, initially had no faculties . Despite repeated efforts, in 1750 there was still no imperial privilege for the use of the designation " university " and the associated privileges. Because the emperor refused to grant the high school university privileges, despite the undisputed high quality of the teaching, it never had the right to award doctorates .

In the commemorative publication for the 400th anniversary From High School to Theological Seminary , Gerhard Menk writes:

"In December 1603, the frequency was around 400 schoolchildren and students, including an extremely large number of foreigners and nobles - ID enough for the currently extremely high reputation of the Nassau High School and its teaching staff."

The former city archivist Rüdiger Störkel gives the following student numbers:

“With up to 50 new enrollments per year, the high school should have had between 100 and 150 students. In the first heyday, however, there were years when this number must have been over 300. In 1603 400 students are said to have been in Herborn. From 1725 onwards a […] decline of the visit sets in. "

In any case, the high school soon after it was founded became one of the most important educational institutions for the Calvinist Reformed in Europe. It was the only reformed university in Germany. Her most important student was the pedagogue Johann Amos Comenius . He studied in Herborn from 1611 to 1613. The high school was closed in 1817 by the Duchy of Nassau , established in 1806 . Its theological faculty was transformed into the only “theological seminary” of the Evangelical Church in Nassau (since 1933 and 1947 Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau ) and settled in Herborn Castle. In 1825 the later prelate (regional bishop) of the Baden regional church , Ludwig Hüffell , was appointed professor in Herborn.

The original buildings are used as a hotel and restaurant. The auditorium offers the city's associations (including the Schlaraffia “Ob der Dill”) event opportunities . On the upper floors is the city museum with collections and special exhibitions on the early history of the dill area, the history of the high school and the city of Herborn.

For over 25 years the premises have been used once a year for a scientific symposium on the life sciences as part of the Old Herborn University. The lectures will be published in the seminar volumes of Old Herborn University.

Modern times

In Herborn, Johannes Piscator wrote the Reformed Bible's first translation of the Bible from 1602, which had a decisive influence on the church life of the Reformed congregations in Germany , the Netherlands , Switzerland and the USA . It was printed in the academic printing house of Corvinus (today Corvinsche Druckerei or Paul's Hof after the owner, the Paul family). The Sefer publishing house in Herborn since 2000 working on a facsimile -Issue of which appeared in Herborn edition.

Around 1630 and later, Herborn and the surrounding area saw a wave of witch trials .

At the end of the Thirty Years' War , the citizens were caring for 50 Swedish soldiers, which earned them protection from the Swedish army and thus the reputation of a “hospital town” that lasted until the end of World War II .

After the Congress of Vienna , Herborn was on the outskirts of Prussia and its economy suffered from import tariffs. It was not until 1836 that the Duchy of Nassau joined the Zollverein . After the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, in which Nassau sided with Austria , the Duchy of Nassau was annexed by Prussia together with the Electorate of Hesse and incorporated into the Kingdom of Prussia as the Prussian Province of Hesse-Nassau . Thus Herborn came to Prussia.


In the Second World War, Herborn was mostly spared by bombs.

In 1986 and 2016 the Hessentag , the oldest state festival in Germany, took place here.

Territorial history and administration

The following list gives an overview of the territories in which Herborn was located and the administrative units to which it was subordinate:

  • 1048: Herbore marca; Herboremarca, de [cop. Mid 12th century]
  • 1251: Herberin

Territorial reform

In the course of the regional reform in Hesse on October 1, 1971, the previously independent community of Guntersdorf was incorporated into Herborn on a voluntary basis .

The communities of Amdorf and Uckersdorf were incorporated into the community of Burg on December 1, 1970, also on a voluntary basis .

On 1 January 1977, the city of Herborn and the previously independent municipalities Castle, were then Herbornseelbach , Hirschberg , Hörbach , Merkenbach and Schönenbach by the law on the restructuring of Dill circle counties Giessen and Wetzlar and the city of casting the new city Herborn together . Local districts with local advisory councils and local councilors have been set up for all incorporated, formerly independent communities .


Population development

Herborn: Population from 1834 to 2015
year     Residents
Data source: Historical municipality register for Hesse: The population of the municipalities from 1834 to 1967. Wiesbaden: Hessisches Statistisches Landesamt, 1968.
Further sources:; 1972 :; 1976 :; 1984 :; 1992 :; 2000, 2015 :; 2004 :; 2010:
From 1976 including the towns incorporated into Hesse as part of the regional reform .

Religious affiliation

 Source: Historical local dictionary

• 1885: 2793 Protestant (= 89.98%), 201 Catholic (= 6.48%) and 23 other Christians (= 1.39%), as well as 67 Jews (= 2.16%)
• 1961: 6907 Protestant (= 68.22%) and 2851 Catholic (= 28.16%) residents

Calamities, disasters and crimes

City fire in 1626

In 1626, the city lost 214 houses in a fire caused by an accident while billeting soldiers.

Fire in Schafgasse 1904

On August 11th, the lower sheep and back alley were destroyed by a large fire, and the witch tower was badly damaged. On August 18, the upper parts of the Schaf- and Hintergasse burned down, with the Dill Tower and Leonhard Tower almost completely destroyed.

Fire from Hörbach 1883

On April 24, 1883, a fire broke out in a barn , which quickly spread to the surrounding barns and houses. 59 houses and 17 barns fell victim to the flames. Only 17 houses and the church remained intact.


In 1909 and 1984 Herborn was extensively affected by floods .

1987 tank truck accident

Six people died and 38 were injured in a tank truck accident on July 7, 1987. At around 8:45 p.m., a tank truck loaded with 34,000 liters of fuel overturned in a curve in front of an ice cream parlor as a result of a brake failure. The brakes of the trailer had failed on the B 255 , which descended for kilometers into the village . The leaking fuel flowed into the sewer system, exploded and set twelve houses on fire. The dill into which fuel had flowed was also on fire at around 500 m along with the bank vegetation. The professional fire brigade from Frankfurt am Main, approx. 100 km away, was also called in to carry out the extinguishing work .

Only after another accident on the same street was the downhill section leading into the city given two chicanes that can only be driven through at a maximum of 30 km / h. Faster vehicles cannot follow the curve and are thus forcibly directed onto an emergency lane filled with rolling gravel , in which the vehicles come to a stop.

Memorial inscription for the Jewish community of Herborn in the valley of the communities in Yad Vashem (Jerusalem)

Crimes during the Nazi era

The Jewish community of Herborn was wiped out in the 1942 Holocaust . The memorial book of the Federal Archives for the victims of the National Socialist persecution of Jews in Germany (1933-1945) lists 66 Jewish residents of Herborn who were deported and mostly murdered.

Numerous patients in the psychiatric clinics were abducted and killed during the so-called Aktion T4 , the National Socialist euthanasia program .

Abduction of Hendrik Snoek in 1976

On November 3, 1976, show jumper Hendrik Snoek was kidnapped by two men from his apartment in Münster and then hidden in a 52 m high cavity in a pillar of the Ambachtal bridge near Herborn. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of 5,000,000 DM (around 2,500,000 euros) from Snoek's parents  for his release, which Snoek's best friend was supposed to give to Breido Graf zu Rantzau near Frankfurt am Main. On November 5, an employee of the city of Herborn accidentally discovered pieces of paper on a routine trip that Snoek threw out of an opening. The police, alerted then, found Snoek tied with a chain around his neck and freed him. A short time later, the Münster district court sentenced one of the kidnappers involved to 13 years in prison.

2015 police murder

On December 24, 2015, the 46-year-old police superintendent Christoph Rehm was killed by an intoxicated dodger with several knife stabs during a personal check in the Herborn train station, and a colleague who was also present was seriously injured. The then 27-year-old perpetrator was finally sentenced to life imprisonment in August 2017 for murder, attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm, and the particular severity of the guilt was determined, which rules out a release from prison after 15 years.



Katja Gronau (non-party), who was introduced to her office on August 28, 2019, has been the head of the city since September 14, 2019 . The police chief commissioner / graduate in administration from Guntersdorf, born in 1969, received 68.65% of the valid votes in the runoff election for the mayoral election in 2019. She was thus elected to succeed Hans Benner (SPD) and is the first female mayor in Herborn.

City Council

The local elections on March 6, 2016 produced the following results, compared to previous local elections:

Distribution of seats in the 2016 city council
A total of 37 seats
Parties and constituencies %
SPD Social Democratic Party of Germany 29.6 11 35.0 13 39.0 14th 43.3 16
CDU Christian Democratic Union of Germany 25.9 9 32.9 12 39.0 14th 38.5 14th
GREEN Alliance 90 / The Greens 12.6 5 15.3 6th 7.1 3 7.9 3
FWG Free community of voters 18.2 7th 9.0 3 7.4 3 6.6 3
FDP Free Democratic Party 6.3 2 3.9 2 4.3 2 3.7 1
SGH Herborn VDK social group 7.4 3 3.9 1 - - - -
WASG Work & Social Justice - The Alternative Choice - - - - 3.2 1 - -
total 100.0 37 100.0 37 100.0 37 100.0 37
Turnout in percent 42.2 37.1 36.6 47.3
Seal of the city of Herborn

coat of arms

Coat of arms of the city of Herborn
Blazon : “In the Herborn city coat of arms there aretwo figures in adoring postureat the side of the enthroned city saint Peter . They are known as Counts Walram and Otto v. Nassau marked. "
Reasons for the coat of arms: “The coat of arms goes back to the historic city seal. Its design still refers to the common government of Counts Walram and Otto until 1255. It is therefore likely to have been made soon after the city ​​elevation of 1251. During the joint reign of Walram and Otto were the counts from the Roman-German King William the town charter for Herborn and one was here inches mentioned. "

Town twinning

Fraternity oath between Herborn and Pertuis

Herborn maintains a city ​​partnership with the following cities :

In addition to the flags of Herborn, Hesse, Germany and the EU , the flags of the states of the partner cities or sponsored cities of the USA, France, Poland and Austria are also hoisted at all entrances .


The most important sight is the historic old town.


town hall

The Herborn town hall was built in 1589 and rebuilt in 1626 after a fire . A special feature of the Herborn town hall is the surrounding frieze with the coat of arms of Herborn bourgeois families. To this day it is the seat of the entire city ​​administration , the city parliament and the councils (extension in Turmstrasse).

On June 8, 2010 it was announced that the town hall, like the high school, will henceforth be subject to the protection of the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict . A deliberate attack including damage would be a war crime in the event of a war and could be punished by the International Criminal Court .

Other structures

  • historical Evangelical town church of Herborn (first documentary mention 1219)
  • numerous, e.g. Half - timbered houses clad in slate from the 15th-18th centuries Century with Traufgässchen in between (oldest house Mühlgasse: 1445)
  • Marketplaces : Buttermarkt, Kornmarkt, Holzmarkt
  • Market fountain from 1732
  • Paulshof (Corvin'sche Druckerei) printing house of the high school
  • High school (with the local history museum) founded in 1584 (original building as Old Town Hall, first mentioned in 1324)
  • Remains of the city ​​wall with the towers:
    • Stone gate (first city gate, probably around 1251)
    • Dill Tower
    • Leonhardsturm with new gate
    • Hexenturm, the only Herborn tower privately owned (owner Jan Richter)
    • Citizen Tower
    • Speckturm with water gate
    • Hainturm (half demolished)
  • Herborn Castle , first mentioned in 1350, today the seat of the Theological Seminary of the Evangelical Church of Hesse-Nassaus
  • Villa Hofmann 1889/1904
  • Dillblick observation tower

Zoological facilities

The Herborn game reserve is north-west of the city .

The Uckersdorf district is home to the zoo . About 70 species of birds are bred in the park, including some highly endangered species such as the balistar , crowned pigeon, and Palawan peacock pheasant . The park has been running a release project for white storks since 1981 . A biotope enclosure with greater flamingos , partially accessible aviaries designed according to themes and regions (e.g. the Asian enclosure) and some mammal species such as tinsel , meerkats , kangaroos and muntjacs, and a petting zoo complete the zoo. A zoo school offers an educational concept for groups of children and young people.

Tourist routes

Herborn is on Deutsche Fachwerkstrasse and Solmser Strasse . Also on the Orange Route from Nassau to Bad Arolsen (bike tour).





The KulturScheune of the Herborner Heimatspiele e. V. in der Au is a cabaret with an extensive program and many guest performances by well-known artists. In recent years, KuSch has received nationwide attention as one of 13 venues for the German Cabaret League and, for the time being, the last venue for the annual final gala. Since 2008, it has also been inviting all stage professionals from the field of “ cabaret and comedy ” to the annual competition for the “Herborner Schlumpeweck” cabaret award in September. Lively voluntary work and extensive youth work enable the association to perform several self-produced pieces during the season. There is also a choir project (focus on musicals ).


Orchestral music

Three orchestras are based in Herborn-Seelbach :

  • Orchestra of the gymnastics club Herbornseelbach
  • Big band of the music association Herborn-Seelbach
  • Accordion Club Herbornseelbach e. V.

In addition, there is a trombone choir of the Free Evangelical Church in Schönbach .

Choral music

In dill Sängerbund following are for the urban area Herborn choral societies and choirs organized:

  • MGV 1857 + FGV 1994 "Liederkranz" Herborn e. V.
  • MGV Jugendfreunde Herborn e. V.
  • GV Gutenberg Herborn-Burg
  • New Generation e. V. Castle
  • MGV Germania 1907 Hirschberg
  • GV "Eintracht" Hörbach
  • MGV Liederkranz Guntersdorf
  • Choir and Music Society (CMG) "Contrasts" 2009 Merkenbach
  • General Assembly Hope 1863 Schönbach e. V.
  • Aar-Gesangverein Herborn-Seelbach
  • GV Cecilie 1908 Uckersdorf

There is also in the Navy Society Herborn a shanty choir and in the Kulturscheune the KuSch Company.

Popular music

Several bands come from Herborn, including the former death metal band Lay Down Rotten .

Regular events

  • Rock in the city park (Whit Saturday)
  • Strawberry Sunday (1st Sunday in June)
  • Pony Festival in Herborn / Schönbach (May / June)
  • Wine festival (1st weekend in July)
  • Summer party (last Saturday in July)
  • Children's spectacle in the city park (August)
  • Potato Sunday (2nd Sunday in September)
  • Martini market (Sunday and Monday before Memorial Day)
  • Herborn in the run-up to Christmas - Christmas market square (approx. 6 stalls, 1 pagoda tent. Duration 5 weeks, daily open 12 noon – 7 pm)


Table tennis

The sports club TTC Herbornseelbach played three seasons (1977/78; 1981/82; 1983/84) in the table tennis Bundesliga .

Walking and cycling

The Wanderfreunde Herborn e. V. (WF Herborn) organize an international people's migration every year in March. They also operate three permanent hiking trails (PW) with lengths of 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 42.2 km. The routes are evaluated for the international people's sports badge of the German People's Sports Association. The 42.2 km marathon is the oldest permanent hiking trail in Hessen. It was opened on January 1, 2005, together with two cars in Schleswig-Holstein, as one of the first cars in Germany. On December 1, 2008, the WF Herborn connected two loops to the marathon (42.2 km). The loops have a length of 5 km (Alsbachtal) and 10 km (Dernbachtal). The 5, 6, 10 and 11 km of the Jakobusweg start at Herborn train station. The alternative starting point for the Jakobusweg, with the 9 and 13 km route, is the reception of the Hotel Gutshof, Austr. 81. The 5, 10 and 42.2 km are marked with a car. All other routes with J. Kurzwanderwege also lead to the Hörre (part of the Lahn-Dill-Bergland nature park) to interesting viewpoints along the Jakobusweg or Dernbachwiesenweg.

View of the Dill Valley and Westerwald

On December 9, 2014, the Herborn hiking friends opened Germany's first barrier-free permanent hiking trail in Bischoffen on Lake Aartalsee. The routes lead around the large and small Aartalsee and have a length of 5 and 10 km. On the 56th  Hessentag , from May 20 to 29, 2016, the Hessentagswanderweg was laid out by the Herborn hiking friends with a length of 5 km .

Herborn is the portal town of the 235 km long “ Westerwald-Steig ” hiking trail (Herborn - Bad Hönningen am Rhein) and the “ Lahn-Dill-Berglandpfad ” premium hiking trail (Herborn - Marburg). Herborn is also on Hessenweg 1 (Diemelsee - Eltville), on the Thuringia-Rhine hiking trail (Inselsberg - Engers) and has access routes to the Rothaarsteig . There are cycle paths along the Dill, to the Aartalsee and to the Krombachtalsperre ( long-distance cycle path R8, Oranier route , Dill cycle path ).

horse riding

In 1946, the Herborn equestrian club was the first equestrian club in Hesse to receive a license to resume equestrian sport from the American military government after the war . Back then, riding was still considered "military". On October 5, 1947, the first post-war tournament took place in Herborn. In 1952, the entire team of the German Olympic Committee took part in the tournament. Sponsors donated a number of new obstacles such as the “Herborner Horseshoe” from Haas & Sohn and the “Fountain Jump” from the Herborn pump factory. Quote: “The Herborn tournaments had gained such importance and reputation that the Hessischer Rundfunk broadcast a report directly from the tournament site. The press stand, which was intended for 70 people, could barely grasp the reporters […] including the representatives of the largest German daily newspapers. ”In 1964, the German championships for show jumping and dressage riders took place in Herborn . In the 1970s, the tournament organizers succeeded in winning the country of Mexico as a special honorary award recipient for the most successful participant. A 14-day first-class trip to Mexico was awarded. One of the winners was Josef Neckermann . At the tournaments in Herborn u. a. part: Hans Günter Winkler (honorary member of the Herborn Riding Club), Josef Neckermann, Fritz Thiedemann , Helga Köhler , Alwin and Paul Schockemöhle , Hugo Simon , Gerd Wiltfang , Franke Sloothaak . The Herborn riding club is the only riding club in Germany that has its own polo department. The indoor polo tournament for the Bear Cup has been held since 2009.



Bus transport

The central bus station is located in Augustastraße, right next to the station building. The city is a member of the Verkehrsverbund Lahn Dill (VLD); see also: Local traffic Dillenburg / Herborn .

Rail transport

Herborn today has two train stations that are still in service, plus six more abandoned ones:

  • Herborn train station (Dillkr)
Reception building of the Herborn train station (Dillkreis)

Herborn received a railway connection in 1862 with the Herborn station on the Dill route .

The present reception building dates back to 1908 and was designed by the church builder Ludwig Hofmann . The regional express trains from Siegen to Frankfurt am Main and a wing train of the Mittelhessen Express , which runs between Dillenburg and Frankfurt, stop at Herborn station .

  • Burg (Dillkr) Nord stop

The second still in operation train station, also located on the Dill route, belongs to train station category 6. In contrast to Herborn (Dillkr) train station , the stop is used exclusively for local passenger transport.

Herborn train station used to be served by two additional routes:

1. The Aar-Salzböde-Bahn from 1902 to 2001 with the two stops

  • Burg (Dillkr), route kilometer 40.9: Railway station with formerly three platform tracks, today residential building
  • Herbornseelbach, kilometer 39.0: stopping point, status of a train station for many years of operation, had two platform tracks

2. The Westerwaldquerbahn from 1906 to 1985 with the four stops

  • Burg (Dillkr) West, route kilometer 1.5: building demolished
  • Uckersdorf, kilometer 4.3: today residential building
  • Amdorf, route kilometers 5.6
  • Schönbach (Dillkr), route kilometers 11.6

Road traffic

Herborn is connected directly to the A 45 / ( E 40 / E 41 ) motorway, which connects the Rhine-Main area with the eastern Ruhr area, via the Herborn-Süd and Herborn-West junctions . In the urban area the federal highways 277 (to Wetzlar and Dillenburg) and 255 (to Montabaur and Marburg ) cross.

Public facilities

Green areas and playgrounds

Parks and green spaces :

  • City Park "Alter Friedhof"; Tombs in the wall have been preserved, remains of the old tree population with new plantings, formerly a spacious park, today cleared of bushes and mainly event grounds with a small playground
  • Footpaths and bike paths on the Dill with a few benches; north across from Stadtpark, south across from shooting range
  • Meadows; Formerly a tournament riding arena, today a site for large events
  • Karlsbader Park on Schlossstrasse; underground a brewery ice cellar that is now inaccessible, formerly the open-air area of ​​the former Friedrich-Zimmer-Hospital, today the location of the memorial that was moved from the overbuilt green area at Hintersand


The largest employer in the region, Rittal GmbH & Co. KG, is based in Herborn .

Rittal, Herborn

One of Herborn's most important companies in terms of industrial history was Burger Eisenwerke, on whose premises the Zodiac Aerospace Group's division , which has been operating as Sell ​​GmbH since 2003 , also became part of Electrolux Germany. In general, around 30 companies are located on the “Burger Eisenwerke” business park.

There has been no brewery in Herborn since 2012. After the insolvency of the Peniger specialty brewery , to which it belonged at that time, the brewery was finally integrated into the MH brewery group. The Herborner Brauhaus could look back on a brewing tradition of more than 130 years until it closed. In the Herborner Au, however, a hotel-restaurant was established in 2005, which produced beer in the house brewing style until 2017.

The Berkenhoff company in Herborn produces copper wires for the electronics and automotive industries .


In addition to the Herborner Tageblatt, a local edition of the Lahn-Dill newspaper group (seat: Wetzlar), there is the Dill-Zeitung (until 2014 with a local edition as Herborner Echo ) from Verlag Weidenbach (seat: Dillenburg), which is closely linked to the former . The Herborner Stadtanzeiger (Verlag Weidenbach) is the official newsletter of the city of Herborn and is distributed to all Herborn households on Thursdays.


Herborn Castle

After the construction and merging of two day-care centers in the Seelbach district in 2007, Herborn still has nine day-care centers, four of which are operated by the city of Herborn and five by church-based and independent organizations. A total of around 750 kindergarten places are offered. There are also several crèche places for children under three years of age.

There are several schools in the city of Herborn. The Johanneum Gymnasium is located in the Au, which is one of the largest high schools in Hesse in terms of the number of pupils; the Comenius School, a primary, secondary and secondary school, is located in the Alsbach, and the Kirchberg School, a listed school, is located on the Kirchberg and the Diesterwegschule, another elementary school, is located in the city center. In addition, the Herborn districts of Burg, Schönbach and Herborn-Seelbach each have a primary school, and Merkenbach and Hörbach each have a location for the New Peace School, which is divided into four locations, as well as a further primary, secondary and secondary school.

In addition, the (only) theological seminary of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau is located in Herborn Castle , a (last) offshoot of the lost high school and heir of the important library.

Personalities, born in today's city of Herborn


  • Hannelore Benz among others: 750 years of the city of Herborn. 1251-2001. Edited by the Herborn Historical Society on behalf of the Herborn City Council. Self-published by the city of Herborn, Herborn 2001, DNB 982776179 .
  • Gerhard Menk: The Herborn High School in its early days (1584–1660). A contribution to the higher education system of German Calvinism in the age of the Counter Reformation (= publications of the Historical Commission for Nassau. Volume 30). Historical Commission for Nassau, Wiesbaden 1981, ISBN 3-922244-42-4 (Zugl .: Univ., Diss., Frankfurt am Main 1975).
  • Gottfried Zedler, Hans Sommer (Hrsg.): The matriculation of the high school and the pedagogy in Herborn (= publications of the historical commission for Nassau. Volume 5). J. F. Bergmann, Wiesbaden 1908, OCLC 2529770 (on the Evangelical Theological Seminary; snippet view in the Google book search).
  • Literature about Herborn in the Hessian Bibliography
  • History Association Herborn e. V. (Ed.): Herborn - historical city views. 1st edition. Self-published, Herborn 2009, ISBN 978-3-00-028784-8 ( museum-herborn.de [PDF; 15.2 MB; accessed on August 26, 2019]).

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