Upper Oelbachtal nature reserve

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The Upper Oelbachtal nature reserve is a nature reserve in the northeast of Bochum . It covers about 37 hectares and is located between the districts of Gerthe and Kirchharpen. On the Dortmund side, the Oelbachtal nature reserve is directly connected .

The nature reserve is surrounded by landscape protection areas that are used for agriculture. The centerpiece is the Harpener Bach , which is also called Bövinghauser Bach or Ölbach. It is partially enclosed in concrete half-shells, but the plans for renaturation are already in place. Some natural, some straightened or piped brooks from the side sieves flow into the brook . Particularly valuable in the Bachtal are the large-scale reed beds and tall herbaceous areas, which are of particular importance as a bird breeding area. As further biotopes one can find deciduous forests and some created, temporary still waters. In Berghofer Holz in the south is the so-called bathing pond, which has water all year round. Bathing in it is forbidden today, among other things because of the protection of water birds. The popular local recreation area for Bochum and Dortmund citizens is exposed to high visitor pressure. Numerous free-roaming dogs disturb the ground-breeding bird species in the Ölbachtal.

In a study of the biodiversity in the Bövinghauser Bachtal in 2007, which also included the NSG Ölbachtal in Dortmund, 787 species of plants, animals and fungi were found in a period of 24 hours, 33 of which were on the North Rhine Red List of Endangered Species -Westphalia.

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Coordinates: 51 ° 30 '23.9 "  N , 7 ° 17' 59.8"  E