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legal form Allmennaksjeselskap
Aktiengesellschaft (Norway)
ISIN NO0010081235
founding 1927
Seat Oslo , NorwayNorwayNorway 
management Jon-Andre Løkke ( CEO )
Number of employees 273 (2019)
sales 569.7 million NOK (2019)
Branch Plant construction
As of December 31, 2018

Nel ASA is a Norwegian company based in Oslo . Nel is a global company that provides solutions for the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen from renewable energies. Nel is listed in the OBX Index of the Oslo Stock Exchange.

subsidiary company

The company has also owned the Danish hydrogen filling station manufacturer H2 Logic since 2015 and the American electrolysis specialist Proton On Site since 2017 .

Together with the companies PowerCell Sweden and Hexagon Composite, Nel founded the Hyon joint venture in September 2017 , which aims to establish fuel cell-powered vehicles, especially in the maritime sector.

Nel has been part of the H2Bus consortium since June 2019. The aim is to use 1000 hydrogen fuel cell buses in Europe.


Nel is currently involved in several projects around the world, for example as part of the “H2 Consortium West Coast” for the commissioning of the first hydrogen-powered train in Germany. H2 Logic A / S, subsidiary of Nel, signed a binding technology transfer agreement with Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, a member of the Mitsubishi Group, in 2015. By 2020 Nel wants to have at least 20 hydrogen filling stations in Norway.

In February 2019 it was announced that a framework agreement had been concluded with Hyundai Motor Company for the supply of hydrogen for Switzerland . In the first phase, the framework agreement covers 60 - 80 MW, and a total of 1,000 trucks and other applications are to be supplied. In Australia , Nel is involved in a power-to-gas (solar power to hydrogen) project.

Another major project is planned in partnership with the American start-up Nikola Motor Company , a manufacturer of hydrogen-powered trucks. This provides for the establishment or expansion of a hydrogen infrastructure (filling stations and electrolysers) in the USA in the coming years.

A cooperation agreement was announced with Yara International in August 2019. This is a fertilizer project for agriculture . Nel contributes his self-developed, pressurized alkaline electrolyser, which with the help of electrical current brings about a chemical reaction, i.e. a material conversion, which is needed for the production of fertilizers. The focus is on developing efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for ammonia and fertilizer production together with Yara.

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