Neunkirchner Hut

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Neunkirchner Hütte ÖAV self-catering  hut category  II
Neunkirchner Hut

Neunkirchner Hut

location at the head of the Eselsberger Graben; Styria ; Valley location:  Winklern near Oberwölz
Mountain range Wölzer Tauern
Geographical location: 47 ° 16 '26 "  N , 14 ° 8' 55"  E Coordinates: 47 ° 16 '26 "  N , 14 ° 8' 55"  E
Altitude 1525  m above sea level A.
Neunkirchner Hut (Styria)
Neunkirchner Hut
owner Austrian Mountain Association Neunkirchen local group of the PES
Construction type Self-catering hut
Usual opening times All year round, but not manned and therefore only accessible with a key.
accommodation 10 beds, 10  camps , 2 emergency camps
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The Neunkirchner Hütte is an unmanaged self-catering hut belonging to the Neunkirchen local group of the Austrian Mountain Association of the PES .

The cabin is located at an altitude of 1525  m at the end of the valley of the donkey Berger trench at Oberwölz in the Steiermark . The hut can be reached by car from the end of May to October when the alpine hut is open. During the winter months, the hut can only be reached on foot or by ski touring .


In 1921 the local group Neunkirchen was founded at the "Austrian Mountain Association". At that time it was difficult to be able to look after a work area in the immediate vicinity, as the entire area in the vicinity of Neunkirchen was already being looked after by other alpine associations. One of the areas available at that time was that around Oberwölz .

The farmer Johann Gugganig, who was already very open to tourism at the time, vlg. Knolli, ceded the property at the end of Eselsberger Graben to the association, on which the hut was then built. Later on, Mr. Gugganig generously supported the building. The traffic connections at that time were very poor, so that the 200 km from Neunkirchen to the hut could only be covered with great difficulty. As a result, the work assignments at that time always lasted a few weeks and therefore a place to stay was needed. The preparatory work for the construction of the hut could already be completed in 1923, but the construction itself could not begin until 1925. The completion and inauguration then took place in 1926. At that time, this was only possible with the use of a myriad of voluntary hours of work and a lot of privation, apart from the financial burdens at that time (currency devaluation, etc.). At that time, the hut consisted of raw beam walls outside and inside and was only isolated over time and secured against the effects of the weather.

1961 on the mountain of the hut, the Hochstubofen, a summit cross on the occasion of the 40th anniversary club built. The hut was now getting too small. It was therefore decided to enlarge the hut a bit. This extension was opened in September 1987 and serves as accommodation for members of the Neunkirchen local group, so that the hut now has 20 beds (10 of which are only for Neunkirchen members) and 10 camps . The hut is maintained by several members doing two work assignments a year.

Excursion destinations and tours

Excursion destinations

  • Eselsberger Almerlebnisweg, walking time: approx. 1 hour (1.5 km long circular route)
  • Knollihütte, walking time: approx. 10 minutes
  • Hölzlerhütte, walking time: approx. 5 minutes
  • Funklhütte, walking time: approx. 20 minutes

Tour possibilities

  • Hochstubofen ( 2385  m ), walking time 2½ hours
  • Oberwölzer Schoberspitze ( 2423  m ), walking time 3 hours
  • Greim ( 2474  m ), walking time 3 hours
  • Rettlkirchspitze ( 2475  m ), walking time 3 hours
  • Talk shrine ( 2319  m ), walking time 3 hours

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