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Nexuiz screenshot 03.jpg
Studio Alientrap
1.0 (June 29, 2005)
platform Linux , Mac OS , Windows
Game engine DarkPlaces
genre Online - first person shooter
Game mode Single player , multiplayer
control Keyboard and mouse
system advantages
1000  MHz CPU , Nvidia GeForce / AMD Radeon graphics card (GeForce 2 or comparable Radeon), 512  MB RAM , 400 MB storage space
medium Download
language English
Current version 2.5.2 (September 29, 2009)
Age rating
USK approved from 16
PEGI recommended for ages 16+
Screenshot of the free version
Screenshot of the free version with maximum quality
another screenshot

Nexuiz is a first person shooter that was published in 2005 by the Alientrap developer group as free software for the Linux , Mac OS and Windows operating systems - and from now on has been further developed by independent helpers. Since the beginning of 2010, in agreement with Alientrap, the game has also been marketed as a commercial version for game consoles . This approach drew severe criticism .


The standard levels of the game usually have a futuristic atmosphere, which is underlined by the mostly bizarre appearance of the characters. Nexuiz is accompanied by drum and bass background music.

The main emphasis of the game is on deathmatch . For this purpose, cards are offered that are based on the popular games Quake and Quake III Arena . Currently the game has 9 weapons, 27 cards and 15 game figures (characters) with a varying number of associated skins .

Development history

The game was developed by Alientrap for almost three years until the first binary release was finally released on June 29, 2005 with version 1.0 . Only with version 1.2.1 were all planned functions of the game implemented. From version 2.0 to 2.2.3, Nexuiz was also graphically upgraded; After the release of this version, the developers recorded a greater influx of players. In the following version 2.3, the game was given a major overhaul on the occasion of the two-year anniversary; The engine, bot intelligence and multiplayer function have been upgraded, as well as two new game modes, three new maps and an anti- wallhack measure. In version 2.4 the use of resources was reduced, the main menu was modernized and two new cards were added.


On March 3, 2010 it was announced that the founder of the project, Lee Vermeulen, had given the US developer Illfonic a license for Nexuiz. Illfonic then developed a revised, commercial version of the game based on CryEngine 3 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game consoles , and did not return any source code to the project regarding the optimizations, even excluding this. Furthermore, Vermeulen had virtually replaced Nexuiz's official website with advertising for the console version. This approach drew the displeasure of some other participants, who felt cheated of their years of work. As a consequence, they turned their backs on Nexuiz and began developing the Xonotic spin- off . Since May 1st, 2015 there is also a standalone modification for the original game called Rexuiz, which further improves the original project.


Nexuiz has so far been released for the computer architectures x86 , AMD64 , Intel 64 and PowerPC . Natively supported operating systems are Windows and generally Unixoid systems , for example Linux and Mac OS . The developers also offer program packages so that you can run your own dedicated server for multiplayer games.

The game has advanced real-time - rendered light and shadow effects (Bloom, coronas, Shader, mirror effects, etc.), but the stress of the equipment can also reduce by more detailed settings. Nexuiz supports QuakeC programming. In this way, new game modes (see section Game modes ) and total conversions can be created with relatively little effort . In addition, most of the Quake modifications can be used in Nexuiz .

Game modes

Nexuiz can be played in both multiplayer and single player mode . Ongoing multiplayer games are listed on a static main server.

Nexuiz has the following game types (native):


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