Lower Guinea (region)

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Lower Guinea is a region in parts of Central and Southwest Africa . Together with the Upper Guinea region , it forms the Guinea region .

Lower Guinea stretches from Cameroon to Angola . The landscape is determined by the Lower Guinea Sill and has a narrow coastal strip with tropical rainforest and savannas . The largest river is the Congo .


The following countries are partially or entirely in the African region of Lower Guinea:

Different definition

In ichthyology , Lower Guinea refers to the region that is drained by the Cross River , Wouri , Sanaga , Mbini , Komo , Ogooué , Nyanga , Bouenza and Kouilou (including all tributaries). The region then includes southeastern Nigeria, western and central Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, the west of the Republic of the Congo, the north of Cabinda and the part of the province of Congo Central in the Democratic Republic of the Congo immediately adjacent to northern Cabinda. In this definition, the Congo does not belong to the Lower Guinea region.

Individual evidence

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