Lower Guinea Sill

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The Lower Guinea Sill is a continental highland up to 1575 m high in the southeast of Central Africa . It is named after the region of Lower Guinea and is one of the five great African thresholds .


The threshold extends from the north of Cameroon to the south via Equatorial Guinea , Gabon , Cabinda , Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Angola .


The Lower Guinea Sill is the southeastern continuation of the Upper Guinea Sill and the southwest of the North Equatorial Sill . The Adamaua highlands connect between these two thresholds to the north . In the east the threshold merges into the Congo Basin . In the southeast the Lundaschwelle kinks to the east and in the south the threshold merges into the highlands of Bié . In the west joins the South Atlantic , which drops there into the Gulf of Guinea and the Angola Basin.

National nature

The hilly-gently undulating land at the Atlantic -Küste that in some parts of Zaire lowlands is, go to the east to the western slopes of the Lower Guinea threshold over which gently to the other side in the about 300 to 400 meters high center of the Congo Basin lowers .

The tropical rainforests begin at and on the sometimes plateau-like heights of the threshold and not far from the coastline . From up there, numerous small and large streams and rivers flow towards the ocean , which have cut into the highlands and their foothills. This becomes particularly clear in the example of the second largest river in Africa: The Congo , which flows from a great distance, from the east and from the Congo Basin, pours over numerous rapids and waterfalls (including the Livingstone Falls ) in a breakthrough valley through the threshold.

Mountains, rivers and places

Seen from north to south, these mountains , rivers and places lie on and on the Lower Guinea Sill.


The highest elevation of the 500 to 800 m high threshold is:

Biggest rivers

  • Sanaga - roughly the northern limit of the threshold
  • Ogowe (Ogooué)
  • Ubangi - partly the northeastern threshold limit
  • Sangha
  • Congo
  • Cuanza (Kwanza) - roughly the southern boundary of the threshold