Offset T intersection

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Offset T intersection

An offset T-Intersection (~ offset T-shaped road traffic junction ) is a road traffic junction at the same height , whose secondary direction - compared to a conventional road intersection - has been divided into two branches in order to abolish their fourth conflict in favor of the traffic flow in the main direction. If the two T-shaped branches are built as a Seagull Intersection , the main direction is only stopped once. If there is an increased traffic volume in the secondary direction or if there are no traffic lights, a conventional intersection can be adequate. If the secondary direction is slightly offset, it is advisable to dismantle the conventional intersection, as slow traffic is kept in the main direction for a shorter time.

In relation to a motorway feeder , the junction is the level variant of a motorway junction in the form of a diagonal half-leaf clover .

The similar right -hand offset or left-hand offset is used in Germany to increase road safety . A converted rights offset intersection is on the road in Raistinger Pahl , 47 ° 54 '17.9 "  N , 11 ° 9' 43.7"  O .

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