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Construction made of Jughandles - standard “Type A” below, “Type C” loop ramp above - on New Jersey Route 35 in Hazlet Township , New Jersey , USA . 40 ° 25 ′ 16 ″  N , 74 ° 11 ′ 6 ″  W.
Jughandle of "Type A"

A jughandle (German teapot handle) is a piece of road similar to a connecting ramp , which guides left - turners at traffic junctions at the same level to the right and enables them to indirectly turn left. This can be done in front of or behind the intersection , depending on the type of juggling . Jughandles are one of the unconventional transport hubs and are also known as Jersey left because they were used extensively in the US state of New Jersey .

The New Jersey Department of Transportation defines jughandles as three types: "Type A" is the normal exit ramp in front of the intersection. "Type B" is a turning ramp without a cross street or a 90-degree curve applied on one side opposite the T-shaped traffic junction, which leads straight onto the crossing street and can also be used for turning. "Type C" is the loop ramp which, after the intersection, leads indirectly to the left, comparable to the cloverleaf, onto the crossing street. The turning traffic is directed into a right-hand 270 ° loop ramp at the intersection back into the traffic of the crossing street.

Existing transport hubs with jughandles

United States

US states that predominantly use jughandles are New Jersey, Pennsylvania , Connecticut , Delaware , the District of Columbia , Ohio , Massachusetts , Michigan , Missouri , New York , New Hampshire , Wisconsin , and Vermont . Jughandles are especially assigned to New Jersey.

New Jersey

  • There are ten jughandles on NJ Route 31 alone in New Jersey .
  • Four Jughandles all Linksabbieger omitted and a height equal cloverleaf created in Toms River, New Jersey at the intersection of Bay Avenue and Hooper Avenue at 39 ° 58 '44 "  N , 74 ° 10' 58"  W . This intersection only switches two directions at the traffic lights.


US states that have few jughandles


In Cologne

In Dusseldorf

In Frankfurt am Main

The main street continues on Franz-Rücker-Allee towards the south. Turning right onto Ginnheimer Landstraße and turning left onto Frauenlobstraße use the Jughandle, which also leads to the entrance to the university sports facilities.


Jughandles were first mentioned in the New York Times on June 14, 1959, when reports were made of jughandles being built on US 46 in Montville, US 22 between North Plainfield and Bound Brook, and on Route 35 at Monmouth Park Racetrack.

At the beginning of 1960, New Jersey had 160 jughandles, most of whom diverted the turning traffic in front of the respective intersection. The 160th was on US Route 1 between New Brunswick and Trenton .


Signpost for jughandles on New Jersey state highways.

On New Jersey State Highways and Pennsylvania State Highways there is a white traffic sign All turns from right lane in front of the Jughandle . Each Jughandle is a white board All turns or U and left turns under the green anticipation Weiser displayed when it is at Jughandle a loop ramp.

On locally administered streets and in other states, jughandles can be labeled arbitrarily and confusingly for road users who are unfamiliar with the location.

On Pennsylvania State Route 61 , jughandles are generally labeled All Turns ↑ → ( all turns - followed by an up and right arrow).


  • safety
    • Jughandles take left-turners out of the through traffic.
    • They shorten the pedestrian crossings by eliminating the turning lanes .
    • They remove the fourth conflict of four-armed traffic hubs by shifting the left turns of the main directions to the secondary directions.
    • They reduce the conflicts of right-turns with pedestrians and cyclists at the main junction.
  • function
    • Jughandles reduce waiting times for the entire intersection by eliminating left-turns.
    • They offer waiting turn-offs longer pre-sorting areas .
    • They reduce the towing curves of turning vehicles.

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