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This episode list contains all episodes of the US drama series Orange Is the New Black , sorted by the US first broadcast . The television series comprises seven seasons with 91 episodes.


Season Number of episodes First published in the USA First publication in German
1 13 July 11th 2013 16th September 2014
2 13 June 6, 2014 16th September 2014
3 13 June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015
4th 13 17th June 2016 17th June 2016
5 13 June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017
6th 13 July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018
7th 13 26th July 2019 26th July 2019

season 1

The first season was released in the US on July 11, 2013 via streaming on Netflix . The German-language first publication took place on September 16, 2014 also on Netflix via streaming.

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First published in the USA German language first publication (D / A / CH) Director script
1 1 I wasn't ready I wasn't ready July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Michael Trim Liz Friedman & Jenji Kohan
Piper Chapman is sentenced to fifteen months in prison for a crime dating back ten years. Her fiancé Larry drives her to her imprisonment and promises her to get through the time with her. Her supervisor Sam Healy is initially friendly to Piper by giving her tips on how to survive in prison. Piper quickly learns to deal with the racial dynamics in prison and tries hard to obey the prison rules. Unfortunately, she annoys the chef Red, who punishes her with food withdrawal. Shortly afterwards, Piper discovers that her ex-lover Alex Vause, who seduced her into smuggling money, is incarcerated in the same prison. Looking back, you can see Piper's crime, how she tells her family about her conviction and how Larry proposes to her. Daya Diaz, who is also new in prison, is greeted by her mother, who is also incarcerated, with a slap in the face.
2 2 Slap Tit punch July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Uta Briesewitz Marco Ramirez
After Piper complained about Red's food, the kitchen staff no longer served her and went hungry. In order to get on well with Red, she tries to make a pain ointment for Red's back with Suzanne's help, but this turns out to be difficult because there are hardly any helpful utensils in the prison shop. To help Piper with her hunger, Alex gives her a piece of corn bread , which Piper throws away. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the freezer breaks and Red manipulates Healy to get a new one from prison. Meanwhile, Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" tries to get closer to Piper, but she doesn't respond. Flashbacks show how Red tries to befriend the wives of important Russian businessmen in her previous life. When, while walking with the women, she tells an insulting joke, the women want nothing more to do with her, which makes Red so angry that she hits one of the women in the chest, causing her breast implant to break. To repair the damage, Red agrees to hide the businessmen's secret packages in their storage room.
3 3 Rejected lesbian request Lesbian Request Denied July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Jodie Foster Sian Heder
Piper's best friend Polly takes control of the joint soap making business more and more. Larry commits the first cheat on Piper by watching a jointly promised television show alone. Piper has to deal with romantic advances from Suzanne aka Crazy Eyes. She even applies to live in a bay with Piper, which Piper refuses. After Piper moves to Miss Claudette's Bay, Crazy Eyes urinates on her floor. Piper's relationship with Alex is hostile. In flashbacks about Sophia you can find out how she and her family went through and suffered their gender reassignment. To finance the conversion, Sophia committed credit card fraud. In the presence of the prison, Sophia's hormone medication is cut by the prison administration for budget reasons, which jeopardizes the preservation of the conversion. She asks her wife to smuggle pills into prison, which she refuses and asks how selfish she actually is.
4th 4th Imaginary enemies Imaginary enemies July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Michael Trim Gary Lennon
Piper gets used to life with Claudette and also to work in the electrical workshop. She befriends Nicky. Piper loses a screwdriver, which leads to immense searches by the prison authorities as it is a potential weapon. Mendez harasses Piper during the search. With the rediscovered screwdriver there is new trouble with Claudette in the bay, ultimately this also helps Piper with further hiding. Piper begins helping other inmates with papers for their retrial. Tricia Miller plans a plot to spoil her friend Mercy Valduto's firing, but Claudette convinces her of the importance of freedom. Claudette, too, now wants her trial to be resumed after receiving a letter from her long-time friend Baptiste. In flashbacks you can see how Claudette managed a large care organization with a strict, loving hand. She killed a customer who was abusing one of her young employees.
5 5 Chicken hunting The chickening July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Andrew McCarthy Nick Jones
While Piper is resting on the sports field, she sees a chicken. She mentions this in passing to Red, who then remembers a dream about chicken dishes. Red offers a prize should someone catch the chicken. Larry finds out that Alex actually betrayed Piper to the drug police. In order to get Piper's focus on life after prison, he lies to her about the fact. Polly gives Piper the opportunity to make a business call, but Piper loses the opportunity to hunt the chicken. Morello ends her relationship with Nicky. Sophia tries to make Sister Ingalls popular, which she sees through. Sophia's following request for estrogen pills she denies. Pennsatucky tries to fix a huge cross in the chapel, causing the ceiling to collapse. Many prisoners have to clean up and repair under Mendez's supervision. Miss Claudette begins researching her retrial. Bennett and Daya exchange secret messages. Aleida instructs her daughter to take another guard who might be more useful to her. To harm Daya, she offers sex to Bennett. In flashbacks you can see the poor conditions of the Diaz family and how Aleida tries to start a drug ring with her boyfriend Cesar. After Aleida's arrest, Daya starts a relationship with Cesar and works in the drug ring, which ultimately brought her to prison.
6th 6th Prison policy WAC pack July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Michael Trim Lauren Morelli
Piper relentlessly explains her situation to her mother. Her friend Polly takes complete control of the soap business. Now that Piper thinks Alex didn't betray her, she sees her again in a friendly light. Larry agrees to write an article about his incarcerated girlfriend. Healy allows women to revive the inmate council and allows elections and campaigns for it. He asked Piper for a candidacy, who refused. Healy falsifies the election and still fills one of the posts with her. The guards begin looking for a hidden smartphone that has revealed lewd pictures. Piper finds the device behind a tile hiding place in a toilet cubicle. Daya attacks her mother Aleida when she learns that she offered Bennet sex. Bennet assures Daya that he has refused and receives oral sex in return. In doing so, she discovers his prosthetic leg. Flashbacks show the alienation between Nicky and her birth mother and how Red tried to help Nicky with her drug problem.
7th 7th Sweet temptation Blood donut July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Matthew Penn Sara Hess
Watson is released from solitary confinement and is certain that Piper had hidden the screwdriver. Piper admits this, but also emphasizes that the reason for the solitary confinement was due to Watson's protest stance. In flashbacks you can see how the highly talented athletic Watson became criminal through bad influence. Piper finds out the inmate council is just better occupational therapy. Piper tries to revive the friendship with Alex. With Fischer's help, she can get the sports field reopened, which Watson likes. Pennsatucky, who had hoped for new teeth through the advisory board, is now railing against Piper because of her unauthorized board membership. Pennsatucky is threatened with rape by Alex in order to keep her calm. Mendez tries to get Red to help smuggling drugs, but she refuses. Outside, Larry feels socially stigmatized by his forced single existence and begins to lament and flirt in a bar.
8th 8th The smuggler from Moscow Moscow Mule July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Phil Abraham Marco Ramirez
A flu wave has broken out in prison. Larry's article appears in the newspaper. After some difficulties getting the article at all, Piper is both happy for it and angry about all the inconsistencies in it. Healy also knows the article and is becoming increasingly unfriendly towards Piper due to the lesbian references in it. At the laundry, Alex and Piper share memories and flirt while repairing a giant tumble dryer. The envious Pennsatucky locks Alex up in the sling drum, which falls back to Piper in relation to the prison administration. Mary's labor continues to worsen and she leaves prison for childbirth. A little later she comes back completely depressed without her child, babies are not allowed in prison. Larry tells Polly, who also gives birth, how frustrated he is. Daya thinks her pain is from the flu, but Aleida tells her she is pregnant. Taystee is due to be released soon. Tricia goes into cold withdrawal. Nicky helps her, but Red refuses to support her, earning Tricia solitary confinement. Caputo assigns Mendez to find out how the drugs get to prison. Even in his own interest, he gets to work immediately. In a rather intrusive way, he interrogates Morello, who, in spite of being a driver, doesn't know anything. Mendez meets Nicky in an intimate moment. In order to get revenge on Red, she reveals Red's connection to Neptune's Produce. Goods can be smuggled into prison in the containers of the Russian company. In flashbacks you can see how Red helps the Russians with their crooked business with clever ideas and begins to rise in organized crime.
9 9 F * cksgiving Fucksgiving July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Michael Trim Sian Heder
Red finds drugs in a food delivery that were arranged by Mendez. She destroys them and is threatened with murder by Mendez for it, and he also urinates in the Thanksgiving soup. Daya does not want to keep her child and has an abortion juice mixed for her. Her mother convinces her to keep the child. During Taystee's farewell party, Piper and Alex begin a lewd dance and are told on Healy by Pennsatucky. This locks Piper in solitary confinement, where he tries to convert her. At first she remains strong and then begins to suffer from the isolation. Larry cannot meet the isolated Piper on the day of the visit and then begins to build up external pressure against it. Ultimately, this leads to Piper's early release from isolation. Larry celebrates Thanksgiving with his friends and feels guilty about Piper as he tries to put Piper's story with a celebrity. Sophia's wife begins an affair with her pastor, which Sophia, advised by Sister Ingalls, finally approves with a heavy heart. Taystee does not have the help of her family when she is released and has to sleep on the floor of strangers. After Piper returns, Alex and Piper have sex in the chapel. Healy calls Larry and informs him of Piper's relationship with Alex. In flashbacks, you can see how Alex grows up in a humble background and makes his first contacts in the drug business by searching for her missing father.
10 10 Bora Bora Bora Bora Bora Bora July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Andrew McCarthy Nick Jones
Cesar visits Bennet at home and asks him how the baby should live there, which is why Bennet first found out about Daya's pregnancy. He now fears disciplinary sanctions. When asked about maintenance, he explains that his prosthetic leg does not come from a combat mission in Afghanistan, but from a simple infection. Flashbacks tell you what Polly and Piper expect from their potential future and how Piper met Larry. Baptiste visits Miss Claudette. Pennsatucky is fooled into a. steered by Watson into a faith healing career. As part of a deterrent program for young people who have committed criminal offenses, some teenagers come as a group of visitors. They allow themselves to be intimidated, except for Dina, who had robbed a liquor store while sitting in a wheelchair. However, Piper gets to her by telling her that the scariest part of being in prison is meeting yourself inside. Pennsatucky's life as a healer comes to an abrupt end in psychiatry when she tries to force the wheelchair user to get up while trying to heal. Nicky exposes Lorna's relationship lies when she fantasizes about a honeymoon in Bora Bora. Flashbacks show Tricia's life on the streets of New York, she steals and keeps a list to repay everything later. But she can't get along with Red again. Mendez uses her repayment ethic and forces her to sell drugs even though she is now clean. He temporarily locks her in the storage room, where she dies of an overdose. Afraid of being discovered, Mendez fakes her suicide. Nicky and Red feel responsible for their deaths and decide to hunt down Mendez.
11 11 Great men with feelings Tall Men With Feelings July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Constantine Makris Lauren Morelli
The prison authorities hide the circumstances of Tricia’s death to avoid investigation. The women suspect a suicide and organize an unofficial funeral service. Mendez is troubled by Tricia's death, which he confesses to Bennett in a bar talk. Aleida, Daya and Red conspire to hide Daya's pregnancy: Daya is supposed to have sex with Mendez, which could distract Bennett's origin of the pregnancy. However, Mendez uses a condom, which renders the meeting unproven. Pennsatucky is in the psychiatric ward. When Piper learns that this is worse than solitary confinement, she confesses guilt to Caputo in Pennsatucky's early release. Flashbacks tell of Piper and Alex's relationship ending after Alex's mother died. The inmates are watching an interview with Larry on the radio that contains disparaging remarks for Suzanne and Miss Claudette. Piper also learns that Larry knows about her relationship with Alex. In a phone call about this, Piper admits he loves Alex too, which Larry considers a real cheat. He then tells Piper that Alex betrayed Piper to the judiciary. With the phrase, "how does it feel to have a relationship with a woman who has ruined our lives?" requests Larry to take a break from his relationship.
12 12 Themselves to blame Fool Me Once July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Andrew McCarthy Sara Hess
Caputo catches Mendez and Daya having sex, which causes Mendez to take unpaid leave. Daya tells Bennet of her scheming plans, but Bennett is displeased when Mendez was tricked. Mendez believes Daya loves him. Bennett learns about Red's smuggling ring through Mendez and reveals it to Caputo. Claudette's appeal is rejected, she attacks Fischer and has to go to solitary confinement. Taystee can't cope with the new freedom outside, commits a crime and goes back to jail. Red helps Healy with his Russian wife. Yoga Jones tells how she accidentally killed an eight year old. A journalist begins investigating the prison's ordering and payment practices. Piper and Alex work on their past, who manipulated and lied to whom. Flashbacks show how Pennsatucky killed an employee of the abortion clinic for "disrespect" after her fifth abortion, and she didn't seem religious until then. She has an argument with Piper and makes her pray. However, when Piper refuses to be baptized, Pennsatucky decides to kill her for this disrespect.
13 13 Hopelessly crazy Can't Fix Crazy July 11th 2013 16 Sep 2014 Michael Trim Tara Herrmann & Jenji Kohan
Gnome notes are distributed, which brings different people into contact with one another. Caputo replaces Red with Mendoza and their wives as chefs. To regain her position, Red sabotages the kitchen. The resulting fat explosion injures Murphy, and Norma ends her friendship with Red. Mendoza no longer gives Red food. Figueroa threatens Bennett not to support the investigation into Neptune's Produce, but Caputo demands the opposite in another conversation. Because of the sex story with Mendez, Bennett doesn't want to have anything to do with Daya, but they find each other again in an accident. After a long time, Sophia receives a personal card from her son. Figueroa asks Piper to put "the right truths" about prison life in Larry's interviews in the future. When Piper explains to Alex that she has decided on Larry, she finally turns away from her. Larry visits Alex in jail, in a conversation Alex makes Piper bad in front of him. In a brief phone call, Larry ends his relationship with Piper. Nicky seduces Alex. In the shower, Piper of Pennsatucky is attacked with a razor blade and only rescued by chance. Taystee and her friends encourage Piper to fight back physically, because Pennsatucky wants "new teeth". Big Boo gives Piper the long-lost screwdriver as a defense weapon. During the nativity play, in which many women outgrow themselves artistically, Piper becomes sentimental and goes out. She is being pursued and threatened by Pennsatucky. Piper asks Healy for help, but Healy looks away. Pennsatucky attacks Piper with a sharpened knife-like cross of Jesus, but Piper fights back with a hard kick in Pennsatucky's crotch. The episode, and with it the first season, ends with Piper hitting the lying Pennsatucky over and over again.

season 2

The second season of the series was released in the US on June 6, 2014 via streaming on Netflix . The German-language first publication took place on September 16, 2014 also on Netflix via streaming.

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First published in the USA German language first publication (D / A / CH) Director script
14th 1 Thirsty bird Thirsty Bird June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 Jodie Foster Tara Herrmann & Jenji Kohan
Piper is in solitary confinement and is woken up one night and loaded onto a bus and then onto an airplane without any information. She is brought to Chicago with other prisoners. Piper suspects this is a move because she likely killed Pennsatucky. In the strict state prison she tries to adapt to the restrictive environment and the methods of the other prisoners. She learns from Alex, who is also present, that she is only here temporarily to testify against Alex's drug lord Kubra Balik. Alex asks Piper to deny that she knows Kubra because she fears his revenge. But Piper doesn't want to lie. In flashbacks you learn a lot from her difficult childhood. Larry's father Howard Bloom is Piper's lawyer who almost orders her to tell the truth. On the bus to the trial, Alex asks Piper that they both tell the same story in any case, otherwise they would be implausible. Piper lets himself be tricked into making false statements, Howard Bloom resigns, and Alex finally tells the truth in court. For Piper, this means an impending trial for false statements and thus an extension of the sentence. While Piper has a tantrum, Alex is released early from prison.
15th 2 Blue with a red taste Looks Blue, Tastes Red June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 Michael Trim Jenji Kohan
In a flashback you meet the young Tastee, then Tasha, trying to find a permanent family in the children's home at the “adoption festival”. Instead, she meets the manipulative dealer Vee. Over time, she and her drug community will become Tastees' surrogate family and "job". Pennsatucky comes out of solitary confinement more tortured than ever. With Healy, who wants to hide the background of the fight between her and Piper, there is an agreement about the supposed process. In return, Pennsatucky's teeth are professionally straightened. Daya has been constipated for days, both her mother and Mendoza are competing to help her. Since Red can no longer use the kitchen for her business, her source of money has dried up and with it her ability to support her people outside. She also learns from her taciturn son that he has become a grandmother. The older women of the institution take them into their group. In a show-like application training, the women learn a lot about their external impact. Taystee can shine in a practice application training with a real manager from outside, but is bitterly disappointed by Figueroa when she learns that it would ultimately never lead to a real job. In the final scene, she learns with mixed feelings that her former surrogate mother Vee has been accepted as a new inmate.
16 3 Deceptive hugs Hugs Can Be Deceiving June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 Michael Trim Lauren Morelli
Piper returns to Litchfield completely serene. She initially takes care of the Japanese-American newcomer Brook Soso, but this turns out to be an annoying chatterbox. To Taystee's displeasure, her call mother Vee is also back in prison. Red and Vee have also met before. Larry meets a journalist who wants to investigate fraud and embezzlement in prison with Piper as a source. Daya is annoyed with Bennet because he does not want to smuggle pregnancy vitamins for her. However, his prosthesis could be a place to hide. Flashbacks show Suzanne, who grew up as an adopted child in a white family and was repeatedly pushed into stressful situations by the ambitious mother - well meant. We also learn that Suzanne intervened in the fight between Piper and Pennsatucky after the Christmas party, which relativizes the imbalance of the fight. Healy forces the two of them into a "sincere" embrace of reconciliation. Vee manipulates and uses the desperate Suzanne to restore her old position of power.
17th 4th A completely different hole A whole other hole June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 Phil Abraham Sian Heder
Nicky and Big Boo vie to have sex with the most women, respectively. Vee offers Poussey to help her sell her homemade distillery, but Poussey wants to be independent and therefore prefers to give away her material. Red begins to use the old greenhouse as a supposed occupational therapy, in reality there is a tunnel exit for contraband. Larry and Polly grow closer and closer over the baby. Lorna learns that her love Christopher wants to marry another woman. As the driver for Rosa to her chemotherapy, she uses an unobserved moment to break into Christopher's house. While she is bathing there, she is almost caught. Flashbacks show how she, as a former mail order scammer, had a single meeting with him and then started stalking him and even planting a bomb on his girlfriend's car. The women around Taystee learn that the female anatomy is more complex than they previously knew and use mirrors to search for unknown body openings.
18th 5 The oldest game in the world Low Self Esteem City June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 Andrew McCarthy Nick Jones
The sanitary area of ​​the Latinos is rendered unusable by leaking faeces. However, Vee, who became the leader of the colored people, blocked the sharing of "her" shower area. The assistant attendant has no means of repairing it and therefore orders an absurd 30-second maximum shower time. There is a direct confrontation between Vee and Mendoza, but they agree a kind of armistice. Piper is visited by Cal and her mother, but her father does not want to see her "like that". She learns that her beloved grandmother is dying and asks Healy, with almost no hope, for a few days of imprisonment. Boo and Nicky continue their competition to see who gets the most women to bed. Boo gets a lot of "small points" and Nicky tries to get hold of Fischer Fischer as the main prize, but fails. Flashbacks show how Gloria and her children were exposed to domestic violence and how she committed food stamp scams to raise money in preparation for their escape.
19th 6th And a pizza with it You also have a pizza June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 Allison Anders Stephen Falk
The upcoming Valentine's Day and its social obligations and constraints occupy everyone, indoors and outdoors. Red and her son Vasily begin to use the greenhouse shaft for smuggling, with the goods Red regains influence. Larry asks Piper if she can slip him inside information so that he can expose a prison financial scandal in his article. Piper asks everywhere and soon has to do so under the guise of a newly founded inmate newspaper. In flashbacks, you can see Poussey's loving lesbian relationship as a soldier's daughter in Germany. However, they are discovered and the strange father brings about the premature and fatal return of Poussey's family. Poussey's father can just prevent her from shooting the other. In Litchfield, the Valentine's Day party is in full swing, and loneliness is also experienced. Pennsatucky is expelled from Leanne's group and is allowed to lean on a fatherly Healy, who in turn is disregarded by his catalog bride. Vee gains more and more influence and forces Taystee et al. a. with the promise of pizza, to leave the library and thus Poussey. Larry and Polly make out and are almost caught by Pete coming home. Caputo invites Fischer to his band's concert, but they don't come alone. She seems to be facing her colleagues Luschek, Bell and O'Neill. In the concert, Caputo suddenly sees Jimmy, an elderly inmate with dementia who accidentally fled. Bennett is being forced to smuggle by the Latinas so that he does not endanger "family peace".
20th 7th Comic sans Comic sans June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 Andrew McCarthy Sara Hess
The escape of the demented Jimmy causes Caputo to impose stricter surveillance rules against the prisoners on the guards. In addition, everyone should write five reminders per week. In flashbacks you see Black Cindy as an airport worker, there she steals and others. a. a laptop. She gives it to her ten-year-old sister, who later turns out to be actually her own daughter, but for whom she cannot take permanent responsibility. Taystee distributes free joints and receives motif stamps for Vee, whose group in turn runs a tight cigarette trade. Red smuggles beauty products and exchanges them for favors. The Spanish women continue to demand smuggled goods from Bennett, who increasingly refuses and threatens with warning notes. As she feels powerless and helpless, Daya becomes hostile. Daya, Flaca and Morello join Piper's prison newspaper. In terms of content, but also, for example, the “Comic Sans” font is contested. In the end, Poussey contrives to Vee because she hopes for advantages. Polly visits Larry to scold him, but ends up in bed with him almost immediately. The demented Jimmy is pardoned, but to the horror of the observing inmates is simply abandoned at the next bus stop.
21st 8th The right pots Appropriately sized pots June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 Daisy by Scherler Mayer Alex Regnery & Hartley Voss
After Piper's imminent leave of absence became known, many inmates attacked her harshly. Caputo is pressured by Figueroa to take harder action. This ultimately leads to Fischer's dismissal. Caputo often hangs around in the greenhouse, where small plants are raised in large pots over hidden contraband. Before he finds out, Gloria can hide everything. Piper asks Healy to give leave to someone who needs him more urgently, but that is impossible. In a phone call with her mother about the upcoming prison leave, she also learns that the grandmother has already passed away. Rosa meets a young man during her chemo treatment in the external hospital. She helps him steal from the incompetent nurse. Before the friendship can get too intense, however, the young man is almost healed. Flashbacks show how Rosa was involved in bank robberies as a young gangster bride in the 1970s. Her money smell fetish always seemed to have fatal consequences for the respective lover. In the last scene you can see Mendez approaching the entrance to Litchfield in a lonely avenging pose.
22nd 9 40% vol. Clearance 40 oz. Of Furlough June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 SJ Clarkson Lauren Morelli
Piper goes on her prison leave and discovers the little beauties and joys outside, such as the smell of coffee. When trying to have sex with Larry, he confesses to having slept with someone else. Both realize that they still love each other but can no longer have a relationship. Despite the threat of alcohol control, she enjoys some high alcohol. Piper attends the funeral, which her brother strangely turns into his own wedding celebration. In conversations with her family you can see how clear and honest Piper has become in many things with herself. Red is gaining more and more support from her former comrades. Their former kitchen smuggling "enterprise" is starting to revive and flourish - much to the dismay of the Vee troop. Red is brutally beaten by them. In flashbacks you can see how Red and Vee got to know and appreciate each other in a previous prison stay and how Vee got control over the group of blacks. The newly returned Mendez immediately begins a kind of reign of terror. Bennett fails to try to be just as strict. He then tells Caputo about Daya's pregnancy (contrary to Daya's consent) and suggests that only Mendez could be considered a father.
23 10 Little moustached shit Little Mustachioed S ... June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 Jennifer Getzinger Sian Heder
The guards try - with varying degrees of commitment and varying degrees of severity - to find contraband goods and take them from the prisoners. Daya's pregnancy becomes known. Mendez is arrested and fired for being believed to be the father. Flashbacks tell parts of Piper and Alex's history, especially Alex's lack of loyalty. Piper makes it clear through notes that Larry and Polly slept together, but that doesn't affect her too deeply. Vee tries to get into Red's garden shed business and also tries to bundle all drug deals into himself and her strictly managed group. Poussey, who actually wants to work properly in the library, is bullied and gets drunk. She insults Vee and is then beaten up by Suzanne. Nicky can resist a return to heroin at the last second and gives this to Red. Healy, who takes psychological advice outside himself, then decides to found a self-help group "Safe Place". This “safe haven” is intended to enable completely open, purifying discussions without punishment.
24 11 Even principles need a break from time to time Take a Break From Your Values June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 Constantine Makris Nick Jones
Piper had ignored many letters from Alex and eventually decided to contact her. On the phone call, Alex is manipulative as always and also says that Kubra wasn't convicted, which scares Piper. More women are joining the hunger strike initiated by Soso with almost religious zeal, although they often only want to secure personal advantages. Polly leaves Pete for Larry. Figueroa has finally entrusted a company with the repair of the sanitary facilities and - from Caputo's point of view unnecessarily - gave a trusted company an order for protective clothing against rioting. The inmate newspaper is banned again by the prison authorities after an unpleasant article was found in it. Without admitting the official connection of Piper as editor, she is told that she is to be relocated to Virginia. Sister Ingall also goes on hunger strike. In flashbacks you can see how she radicalized herself politically and as an actionist for principles and was therefore ultimately excommunicated. Vee's methods become more and more brutal, so the older inmates plan to kill Vee behind Red's back. Accidentally, however, they stab the wrong person. Healy's “Safe Place” finally finds some participants, but open communication does not take place due to Vees “spies” present.
25th 12 The menopause It was the change June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 Phil Abraham Sara Hess
The rivalry between Red and Vee manifests itself in several confrontations. The older women advise Red to redeclare the unsuccessful attack as a deliberate warning to Vee. The storm and flood force the inmates to move to the dining room located higher up. A tent camp mood arises, but both Reds and Vee's troops are afraid of possible attacks during the night. As the night progresses, Lorna and the dying Rosa have a moment of special closeness. Pennsatucky takes gullible advice from Boo of impending lesbian world domination. Figueroa, having fun at a ball-like reception, is bombarded by Caputo with calls about the catastrophic conditions in the prison, which she virtually ignores. To her horror, she discovers her husband is making out with another man. Red tries to strangle Vee with plastic wrap, but fails. As a result, both decide on a truce, which is broken by Vee the next morning by a brutal attack on Red. Piper uses the confusion of the night to break into Figueroa's office to secure evidence of fraud and is surprised by Caputo. Taystee is expelled by Vee and can re-establish friendship with Poussey. Flashbacks show Vee, whose menopause is beginning, at risk of a business being taken over by one of her foster sons. Before she can murder him, she enjoys a hot night with him.
26th 13 Lady Locksley We have manners. We're Polite. June 6, 2014 16 Sep 2014 Constantine Makris Jenji Kohan
Vee's family is slowly disintegrating and her wives even turn against her. After Nicky steals her supply of heroin, she becomes frightened. The easily influenced Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' is supposed to take the blame for the attack on Red. The complacent commission of inquiry then initially believes that too. Piper reveals details to Caputo about Figueroa's scams. In gratitude, he canceled her and eleven other transfers to other prisons. Figueroa tries to keep Caputo in silence through oral sex. However, the investigation is already underway and she is quitting the service to avoid further investigation. Piper is visited by Alex. She later gives their probation officers information about a gun hidden at Alex. Caputo becomes the new interim boss and immediately has to deal with an activist group for the hunger strike at the entrance and with Bennett's confession of paternity. Red and Healy persuade Sister Ingall to end the hunger strike. Healy and Luschek forge working papers in favor of Suzanne, leading to the resumption of investigations against Vee. This escapes through Red's smuggling tunnel and reaches the country road. Rosa learns from the doctor that she only has a few weeks to live. Morello "forgets" to remove the car key and Rosa manages to escape in the VW bus. To the tune of (Don't Fear) The Reaper , she enjoys the beginning of her last liberties, sees the hated Vee and runs over her. (Note: The German title 'Lady Locksley' suggests a female Robin Hood. This role fits some women in the episode.)

season 3

In early May 2014, the order for a third season was announced. This has been available on Netflix since June 11, 2015 in the USA and since June 12, 2015 in Germany .

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First published in the USA German language first publication (D / A / CH) Director script
27 1 Mother's Day Mother's Day June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Andrew McCarthy Jenji Kohan
Caputo is the new head of the prison and wants to organize everything more humanly. The upcoming Mother's Day is being prepared as a festival. Piper notices Alex has returned and the two make up. Poussey misses her mother. Bennett can't find rest as Daya's family tactically want to keep his impending fatherhood a secret. Daya and Aleida argue about what motherhood means. Pennsatucky is holding a private memorial service for all of the children she aborted. Healy feels his position is threatened because Caputo has hired an additional pastor. Red seals the entrance to the smuggling tunnel with cement. While visiting her family, she learns that, contrary to Piper's stories, the business is practically ruined. On the holiday day when there are many children, Boo dresses up in a silly costume and survives the day with dignity. For many women, however, the whole celebration is an emotional borderline experience.
28 2 Bed bugs and other things Bed bugs and beyond June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Constantine Makris Jim Danger Gray
Litchfield is fighting a bed bug infestation. Inmates must wear underwear or disposable clothing. There are suspicions about who brought the bedbugs. Red confronts Piper with their lies about the business and breaks off contact with her and her children. Healy can intervene successfully. Pornstach's mother visits the prison and offers to adopt Daya's baby to allow him a comfortable life. This creates tension between Bennett, Daya and Aleida. Alex is almost desperate to be back in prison and learns from Piper that she was responsible for her return through betrayal of the probation officer. Bennett asks Daya to marry him, but fears her huge family, especially the angry Cesar. Nicky and Boo find out that their heroin, which they tried to sell outside with the help of Luschek, has been stolen. Caputo learns that the prison is about to be closed due to the bed bug infestation. Piper and Alex argue in the library and discover the eroticism of the changing power relationships between them. Casar gives Bennett a crib and also points a gun at one of the children present. Bennett then runs away. In flashbacks you can see that Bennett was a dedicated soldier in Afghanistan and how his unit is fatally attacked by betrayal and he loses his Afghan friend as a result.
29 3 Empathy is a turn-off Empathy is a boner killer June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Michael Trim Nick Jones
Luschek has laboriously found a buyer for Nicky's heroin and becomes angry when he learns that it has disappeared. Alex and Piper's relationship remains tense. Rumor has it among the employees that the prison is about to be closed. The jobs are valuable to them for various reasons. Contrary to better knowledge, Caputo initially denies the rumors. Bennett disappears, which worries Daya. The new pastor Rogers offers a theater workshop that is a great success. In the workshop, Alex and Piper get along during a very realistic role play. The meth group discovered that Nicky wanted to keep the heroin to himself. Luschek takes it from them, is discovered by Caputo and has to blacken Nicky. Healy once again asks Red for help in communicating with his wife. Caputo blackmails Figueroa to help keep the prison open. This referred him to a private prison operator. Nicky says goodbye to solitary confinement. She laments that although she has overcome her addiction, her self-destructive tendencies are unlikely to end. In flashbacks you can see how Nicky sank deeper and deeper through her drug use and also moved away from her mother almost irretrievably.
30th 4th Dyke Finger in the Dyke June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Constantine Makris Lauren Morelli
Many nibble at Nicky's absence. Caputo is overwhelmed by the upcoming visit by the private prison operating company MCC. Crazy Eyes still can't get over Vee's death. Daya fears that Bennett simply ran away from her. It's Piper's birthday and her family visits, which leads to tense conversations again. Piper and Alex continue to grow together again. Pennsatucky tells Big Boo that she is still receiving money from anti-abortionists who she believes are a martyr. This gives Big Boo the idea to solicit money from religious groups. On the first visit, however, she can neither hide her dislike of the church nor is she prepared to betray her homosexual ideals for money. A special, possibly romantic friendship seems to develop between Red and Healy. In many scenes, Caputo shows details of the prison and with every detail seems to be further away from his goal. MCC, which convert every move and every person into money per time or piece, surprisingly declare themselves ready to operate the prison. Flashbacks show Big Boo with her parents. The fundamentally sensible father cannot assert himself against the mother and her idea of ​​a "normal" sexuality in Boo's sense. The mother later dies without Boo ever having reconciled with her.
31 5 fake Fake It Till You Fake It Some More June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Nicole Holofcener Tara Herrmann
MMC is investing in new mattresses and other improvements, but hours are being cut for some guards. The inmates learn that they can apply for a new job that brings ten times their wages. However, a written test must be taken beforehand. This is very difficult for some inmates due to exam anxiety. The MCC representative then reveals to Caputo that the new jobs were raffled independently of the test. Marisol is one of the chosen ones and learns that the work consists of sewing women's underwear - the job she wanted to escape from and therefore became a criminal offense. She sold LSD placebos, which resulted in a classmate attempting suicide, earning her arrest for fraud. Daya would like to "give away" her baby, since Bennett seems to have disappeared. Alex has paranoid fears about her former gang boss, whom she trusts to kill her. Poussey suspects that greedy animals discovered their alcohol production and ate it up. Healy and Red strive for each other, but take turns acting clumsily.
32 6th Ching Chong Chang Ching Chong Chang June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Anthony Hemingway Sara Hess
Caputo conducts interviews for part-time positions, which continues to unsettle the existing workforce. For religious reasons, a new inmate asks for a kosher meal, which is significantly better than a normal meal. Inmates watch on television how the famous television cook Judy King is accused of tax fraud. The underwear production begins with a lot of chatter, Piper flirts with the new inmate Stella Carlin. Lorna receives many male visitors, with whom she maintains pen pals and in the process continually invents new criminal careers. It can seemingly land on a jiu-jitsu fighter. Healy chatted Caputo skillfully and managed to get Red back into the kitchen. A romanticized Poussey dreams of love and gets drunk with home-brewed food. Meanwhile, Chang prepares his own secret food and watches Chinese TV series on a smartphone hidden in the garden shed. In flashbacks one learns how, as the ugly duckling, she is rejected like spoiled goods by a rich Chinese at an arranged wedding. Later she rises in an Asian underworld organization and uses her power to take brutal revenge on the man.
33 7th A mute nothing Tongue-tied June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Julie Anne Robinson Sian Heder
Suzanne shows a talent for writing bizarre, erotically charged fantasy stories. These spread quickly among some women as an insider tip, but they are suspicious of the pastor. Stella agrees to contribute "Whispers" knickers worn for Piper's planned Dirty Panties business. Piper wins Cal to help her with sales and the website. Daya is still struggling with the decision to whom she should entrust her baby to - as it now seems - "raise". Mendoza's and Sophia's son meet and influence each other during the car pool during visiting hours. This leads to arguments between the two mothers. Mendoza has taken time out from her position as head chef to visit, and that's when an accident occurs. Caputo therefore transfers the kitchen back to Red. But hardly anyone likes the new ready meals introduced by MCC. The guards' poor defense training has resulted in inadequate use of pepper spray. In several scenes Norma's ability as a hand-laying faith healer becomes clear. Flashbacks show how she became a willing disciple in a guru community, but kills the guru after many years of disillusionment.
34 8th Fear and other smells Fear, and Other Smells June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Mark A. Burley Nick Jones
Suzanna's erotic fantasy stories achieve cult status, some women even try to influence the sequels. An unexpected chapter exit plunges Poussey even deeper into her alcoholic depression. All inmates loathe the new food, and Red tries unsuccessfully to get rid of the chef position. The food that can be bought from the prison shop is becoming scarce, hamster purchases are made, and prices are increasing there. Piper trades hoarded food for worn underwear that continues to be sold online. Healy prescribes Soso antidepressants, which leads to discussion with Rogers. Healy furiously transfers the case to her. Pennsatucky befriends the new warden Coates, to whom she has to explain how to guard her. She converts a not entirely legal visit to his part-time job in the donut shop into a carefree, almost free afternoon. MCC executives are shown during an almost cynical meeting that is all about profit and cost optimization. Caputo's contact person Pearson, who is related to the MCC boss, is embarrassed with demands and sits between all stools. Sophia and Mendoza lament each other's suffering of not being able to be adequate parents to their distant boys. Daya learns from Mendez's mother that Aleida brought in money for the baby transfer. Without revealing the real father, she declares that Mendez is not what Mendez's mother accepts with calm gratitude. Alex suspects the new inmate Lolly of spying on her on behalf of Kubra. Piper makes fun of it, but you later see Lolly writing down Alex's every move in a notebook. Flashbacks show Alex and Fahri celebrating. As a result, they miss picking up Piper from the airport, which leads to her arrest. This brings on an angry Kubra.
35 9 Where did my dreidel go Where My Dreidel At June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Andrew McCarthy Jordan Harrison
Piper's knickers business is booming, making money, the guard smuggles Bayley, and Cal has to read shop comments. Suzanne's wacky sci-fi porn stories continue to be the talk of the day. Red is ashamed of the bag food and really tells everyone that it is absolutely not their fault. MCC employs a rental rabbi who is supposed to research the Jewish attitudes of the prisoners. Some embarrass themselves with half-knowledge from Woody Allen films, but Caputo strictly rejects religious research and gets into the next argument with the cynical Pearson. Soon there will be a very short list of those who are entitled to kosher food when the food is distributed, including Sister Ingall, of all people. In the shower, Piper meets a naked Stella and is impressed by her body. Later on there is an equally clearing and confusing kiss. Sophia's son is not the innocent lamb Sophia would like to see him as, and she ultimately has to apologize to Mendoza. Celebrity chef Judy King appears again on TV, this time with confessions of guilt. Guard Coates and Pennsatucky play strange role-playing games with an unclear balance of power. Coates ultimately kisses her, but Pennsatucky seems less lurking for feelings than other benefits. Lolly breaks a pane of the greenhouse and, to Alex's horror, a giant shard is missing soon after. When Alex discovers Lolly's notes about herself, her fear increases. Leanne rises to be the leader of the new Norma religion. The supposedly necessary church structures, however, lead to the abusive exclusion of Soso. Norma tries in vain to upgrade the principle of being nice. Flashbacks show Leanne leaving her Amish roots for drugs. When caught, she betrays parishioners and moves away, ashamed and abandoned, from parents and the community.
36 10 Tits and pubic hair A tittin 'and a hairin June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Jesse Peretz Lauren Morelli
Suzanne is besieged by a young inmate with romantic feelings. Suzanne tells Morello that despite her erotic short stories, she is still a virgin and that sex confuses her. Judy King is seen on TV, but she doesn't seem to be coming to Litchfield. Alex watches Piper and Stella's approach and confronts them. Mendez is traumatized by his long stay in prison and has to learn from his mother that he is not the (future) father of Daya's child. The mother tells Daya that she would continue to want to take over the baby, which Daya agrees after painful deliberations. Morello gets her pen pal to take physical revenge on Christoper with some buddies. Leanne and Soso continue to cultivate their enmity, with a confused Norma between all stools. Red prepares a delicious ratatouille for her group with home-grown vegetables. Mendoza, angry about her son's canceled ride, fights with Sophia in the bathroom and pulls the shorter one. Alex attacks Lolly. However, it seems as if she is highly paranoid and alienated from reality, and not an agent. Warden Coates is scolded for being late with Pennsatucky. In a fit of anger, he rapes her in the van. A tear on her cheek reveals how much deeper than physical her pain is.
37 11 We can be heroes We Can Be Heroes June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Phil Abraham Sian Heder
Caputo has sex with Figueroa, probably not for the first time, and promises his employees to take action against the heartless MCC. Leanne's friend Angie is released due to a computer glitch. However, since she is not leaving in a hurry enough, Caputo collects her at the bus station. Big Boo learns of Coates' rape and promises Pennsatucky to help her get revenge. Sophia's salon is losing clients due to the injuries she inflicted on Mendoza. Suzanne's stories are known to the guards and are therefore forbidden. Counselor Rogers is unfairly suspended as a result. Suzanne, however, is now free of this burden, she seeks reconciliation with Poussey. The excluded Soso confronts Norma, and Leanne cuts her hair short in her sleep. Flaca incites the women to only hand over Piper's underwear against payment. In the future, she will have money cards topped up, but Flaca is "fired" for her resistance. Alex feels repulsed by Piper's harshness and quits both the panty business and the relationship. In flashbacks you can see the young Healy and Caputo. He sacrifices a promising rock star career in order to raise the child of a band mate with his girlfriend. When the child is older and the biological father is very successful, she leaves Caputo for him.
38 12 Do I really have to intervene? Don't Make Me Come Back There June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Uta Briesewitz Sara Hess
Daya's labor begins painfully, but she refuses to help her mother because she wanted to "sell" the baby. Red runs an open lottery to attend their dinner party for which Healy is secretly helping with corn procurement. Since Rogers is suspended, Soso returns to Healy and ultimately wants to be prescribed antidepressants. Boo persuades Pennsatucky to take revenge on Coates. They stun him, but ultimately shy away from severe bodily harm. Sophia is attacked and injured by three women, which is watched helplessly by a guard. Sophia therefore makes tough demands for training improvements to Caputo and threatens with a lawyer. This puts them in solitary confinement "just to be on the safe side". Gerber is afraid of continuing to smuggle underwear outside. Piper is then ready for sexual acts, but Stella can motivate him to continue with arguments. Daya is taken to a hospital in an ambulance for delivery. Aleida tells Mendez's mother that the child died in childbirth and that it actually goes into her drug family. Taystee has a calming effect in different situations and finds herself in the role of the new "mother" of her group. Poussey discovers an unconscious Soso who suffered an overdose from pills stolen while visiting a doctor. Piper wants to get closer to Stella, but she says she will be released in a few days. Piper's brother and girlfriend start counterfeiting worn underpants to stimulate business. Flashbacks show Aleida, who often annoys young Daya. She dumps them in the four-week camp, where Daya meets loving educators who promote their skills and take them seriously. Upon pickup, Aleida destroys these positive approaches through her continued ignorance.
39 13 Don't trust a bitch Trust no bitch June 11, 2015 June 12, 2015 Phil Abraham Jim Danger Gray & Jenji Kohan
Poussey, Taystee and Suzanne save Soso from the overdose. Piper accuses Flaca of stealing from the panty store, but Stella turns out to be the culprit, who needs money for her impending freedom. Piper takes revenge by hiding contraband goods at Stella, which leads her to solitary confinement. Healy hopes to live with Red, but she withdraws. Morello and Vince get married as romantically as it gets in prison and have to go through the wedding night while standing behind the drinks machine. Black Cindy seriously wants to become Jewish, but the baptism opportunity is missing in a real body of water. Cesar is arrested, causing complications for Daya's baby. Norma could lose all followers after Poussey accuses her of complicity in Soso's suicide attempt. Flaca and Gloria as well as Leanne and Norma argue. Caputo agrees to trade unionists for the employees, but then accepts a promotion from MCC. The employees then leave the premises. By mistake, an exit is created in the fence, most of the inmates quickly reach the nearby lake. Black Cindy can be baptized appropriately ( Tevila ) while everyone is splashing around like children. Alex is severely attacked in the greenhouse by a new guard sent by Kubra; her fate remains hidden from the viewer. In the meantime, beds are being increased on the almost deserted site, and buses full of new occupants can be seen rolling in. Likewise, TV chef Judy King, who wants to submit herself, cannot find anyone to take her in.

Season 4

In mid-April 2015, Netflix ordered a fourth season of the series. This has been available on Netflix in the USA and Germany since June 17, 2016 .

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First published in the USA German language first publication (D / A / CH) Director script
40 1 Heavy body work Work That Body for Me 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Andrew McCarthy Jenji Kohan
Caputo was promoted to director. He applied for new law enforcement officers to collect the "escaped" prisoners at the lake again. One of the new guards, Piscatella, is particularly strict and is feared by prisoners and guards alike, and becomes head guard. Maureen would like to take the opportunity to finally flee with Suzanna, whom she loves. However, she appreciates the regular life and returns voluntarily. Maureen is later caught by Caputo, but is able to avoid punishment by cleverly arguing about neglecting the duty of supervision. The new inmates are mixed with the old ones. Judy King can finally be locked up and immediately befriends Luschek. Caputo gives her a private cell. Doomed Alex is saved at the last second by Lolly, who almost kills the attacker. When Alex tries to eliminate him, however, he is still living weak and she ultimately kills him. The next morning Frieda helps them dismantle the corpse and bury it under various plants. Piper enjoys her supposed role as a gangster, but this challenges the newly arrived Maria.
41 2 Power struggle Power suit 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Constantine Makris Sara Hess
The overcrowding of the prison makes everyone to create: Black Cindy and Alison Abdullah fight for every square centimeter, Red fights in vain against snoring attacks of their roommate. Piper quickly hires her cell neighbor as a bodyguard and Yoga Jones has the privilege to move into Judy King's luxury cell. Doggett worries about Mariza, but Officer Coates only seems to love her. Sophia's wife presses Caputo because of the iso detention, but he remains tough. At an MCC meeting it is decided to prepare the old huts by the lake for veteran caretakers in order to receive new employees and public funds. Caputo makes friends with Linda. Daya learns that Cesar will remain in custody for a long time and that the baby will be placed with unknown foster parents. The new Dominicans recognize their superiority and racial conflicts arise. As a result, Maria becomes involved in a fight. Flashbacks show how she was raised by her father in a very proud Dominican community and how she came into contact with drug trafficking.
42 3 Free your mouth (Don't) say anything 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Andrew McCarthy Jim Danger Gray
Based on an idea of ​​Lindas, Caputo appoints Taystee as his personal secretary, which she wants to use to her advantage in a cute way. Red is angry and jealous of Judy, who is even allowed to use Red's garden. Piper loses employees in the panty business due to the seemingly increased risk situation. Maria suggests some Dominican women to her, but Piper doesn't want any "crooks". So consider starting your own business. At a meeting with Linda, Caputo recognizes a former guard. Encouraged by Linda, Caputo can make a clear announcement regarding loyalty. Soso and Poussey's friendship grows stronger. However, Soso tells Judy in good faith that Poussey comes from the slum, which hurts her honor. They get along and resolve to genuinely want to get to know each other. In flashbacks you can see the young Soso and her handling of truths. Lolly becomes more paranoid and wants to dig up the body, which Frieda prevents at the last second. She suggests that Alex kill Lolly.
43 4th Dr. Psycho Doctor Psycho 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Erin Feeley Carly human
Sophia, who is still in solitary confinement, floods her cell and burns the mattress to get Caputo's attention. However, he continues to refuse any help "for their protection". Healy forces Judy to offer a cooking class, which becomes the most popular event. Judy, however, uses her VIP status and causes Caputo to change Healy as a supervisor because of "power problems". In flashbacks you see the young Healy, who has a manic-depressive mother, but whom he cannot help. Because of her illness, she leaves him from one day to the next. Later he meets a homeless person, mistakes her for his mother and invites her. However, it is a different woman. Alex tells Red about Frieda's plan to kill Lolly, which Alex and Red want to prevent for the time being. The more paranoid Lolly becomes, the more her mind changes. Healy unintentionally saves Lolly when she convinces Healy with her supposedly confused killing stories that she has to treat her. Piper and the Dominicans keep clashing over the underpants business. Poussey and Soso get intimate. Daya's mother learns that she could be released early because of good behavior, but fears that she will fail completely in freedom, even though she wants to save Daya's baby.
44 5 Of human rights and chivalry We'll Always Have Baltimore 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Tricia Brock Jordan Harrison
The new allocation and budget cuts mean that supplies are becoming scarce, including tampons and sanitary towels, which causes a lot of upset and a new black market. Through a hypocritical tip from Piper, targeted controls are carried out on non-white prisoners. Taystee guesses Caputo's secret word and can surf the Internet, but only uses it for trash news sites. Caputo and Linda attend a prison equipment fair that offers cynical things like striped ice cream. Danny Pearson publicly exposes Linda and is attacked by Caputo for it. This leads to Caputo's short-term arrest, which in turn turns Linda on and sex in the broom closet ensues. Piper persuades Piscatella to be allowed to found a group against the formation of groups in prison, which, to Piper's horror, changes its name to a white racist group at the first meeting. Dogget and Coates talk to each other personally. Mariza has to chauffeur the small-minded guards to the new houses, eloquently parries their clumsy approach and uses this to smuggle underwear. In flashbacks you can see how she first committed minor serving fraud in a bar using her acting talent and was then hired as a manipulative car thief.
45 6th Piece of shit Piece of shit 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Uta Briesewitz Lauren Morelli
Nicky has cleaning duty in the insulation wing and uses this to hand over reading material to Sophia against boredom. During the next mission, Sophia's empty but blood-smeared cell will be given to her for cleaning. Luschek feels guilty that Nicky was sent to another prison on his false accusation. He visits her to beg her forgiveness, but she brusquely rejects him. Luschek confides in Judy, who briefs her powerful lawyers on what leads to Nicky's return to Litchfield. Nicky is back on heroin because of the stress. Taystee wants to earn money with paparazzi photos of Judy and access to Caputo's internet. Poussey and Soso are now officially in love. Maria cannot adequately pay for her pantyhose and asks for patience. Piper hides underpants in her cell and sees to it that they are discovered. This gives Maria three to five additional years in prison. Piper and Alex are talking again, there are allegations. Alex takes care of Lolly. Alison tries to rent her veiled cell phone to Black Cindy.
46 7th White shame It Sounded Nicer in My Head 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Mark A. Burley Nick Jones
47 8th Sunk deep Friends in Low Places 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Phil Abraham Alex Regnery & Hartley Voss
48 9 Showering is overrated Turn table turn 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Constantine Makris Sara Hess
49 10 Bunny, skull, bunny, skull Bunny, skull, bunny, skull 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Phil Abraham Carly human
50 11 Employee of the month People Persons 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Lev L. Spiro Nick Jones
51 12 monster The Animals 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Matthew Weiner Lauren Morelli
52 13 No turning back Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again 17th June 2016 17th June 2016 Adam Bernstein Tara Herrmann & Jenji Kohan

Season 5

The fifth season has been available on Netflix in the USA and Germany since June 9, 2017 .

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First published in the USA German language first publication (D / A / CH) Director script
53 1 Uprising FOMO Riot FOMO June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Andrew McCarthy Jenji Kohan
54 2 Fuck, get married, Frieda Fuck, Marry, Frieda June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Constantine Makris Jordan Harrison
55 3 Piss sisters Pissters! June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Phil Abraham Rebecca Angelo & Lauren Schuker Blum
56 4th Litchfields Talent Contest Litchfield's Got Talent June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Nick Sandow Josh Koenigsberg, Jenji Kohan & Tara Herrmann
57 5 Sing it, White Effie Sing it, White Effie June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Phil Abraham Molly Smith Metzler
58 6th Fiery Cheetos for everyone Flaming Hot Cheetos, literally June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Andrew McCarthy Lauren Morelli
59 7th Whole bush, half Snickers Full Bush, Half Snickers June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Uta Briesewitz Anthony Natoli
60 8th Tied to the rails Tied to the track tracks June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Michael Trim Carolina Paiz
61 9 It's blazing The tightening June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Erin Feeley Jordan Harrison
62 10 The reverse king Midas The Reverse Midas Touch June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Laura Prepon Rebecca Angelo & Lauren Schuker Blum
63 11 Heavenly paradise Breaking the fiberboard ceiling June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Wendey punchers Lauren Morelli
64 12 Tattoos Tattoo You June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Mark A. Burley Tara Herrmann & Carolina Paiz
65 13 Stormy times Storm-y Weather June 9, 2017 June 9, 2017 Jesse Peretz Lauren Morelli

Season 6

The sixth season has been available on Netflix in the USA and Germany since July 27, 2018 .

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First published in the USA German language first publication (D / A / CH) Director script
66 1 I don't know anything Who Knows Better Than I July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Michael Trim Jenji Kohan
67 2 There will be a sh * t storm Sh * tstorm coming July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Mark A. Burley Brian Chamberlayne
68 3 Watch out for number one Look Out for Number One July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Erin Feeley Hilary Weisman Graham
69 4th The speaking "Asinus" I'm the talking ass July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Phil Abraham Tami Sagher
70 5 Pranks Mischief Mischief July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Andrew McCarthy Anthony Natoli
71 6th Uterine inspection State of the uterus July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Constantine Makris Merritt Tierce
72 7th We are the living change Changing Winds July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Andrew McCarthy Heather Jeng Bladt
73 8th Gordons Gordons July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Sian Heder Vera Santamaria
74 9 Break the hook Break the string July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Nick Sandow Kirsa Rein
75 10 Chocolate Chip Nookie Chocolate Chip Nookie July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Ludovic Committee Carolina Paiz
76 11 This is their dark side Well This Took a Dark Turn July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Laura Prepon Anthony Natoli
77 12 Double the flavor, double the fun Double trouble July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Clark Johnson Hilary Weisman Graham
78 13 What will you do next? Be Free July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Nick Sandow Brian Chamberlayne

Season 7

The 7th season has been available on Netflix in the USA and Germany since July 26, 2019 .

( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First published in the USA German language first publication (D / A / CH) Director script
79 1 The beginning of the end Beginning of the end 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Michael Trim Jenji Kohan
80 2 Get the fair wages Just desserts 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Andrew McCarthy Brian Chamberlayne
81 3 Brown is the New Orange And Brown is the New Orange 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Constantine Makris Vera Santamaria
82 4th Life plans How to Do Life 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Andrew McCarthy Merritt Tierce
83 5 Deportation machinery Minority Deport 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Laura Prepon Anthony Natoli
84 6th Stuck in the elevator Trapped in an elevator 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Nick Sandow Heather Jeng Bladt
85 7th Supported the movement Me as well 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Ludovic Committee Tami Sagher
86 8th Dozen bakers Baker's Dozen 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Nick Sandow Kirsa Rein
87 9 The quiet corner The Hidey Hole 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Natasha Lyonne Hilary Weisman Graham
88 10 The thirteenth The Thirteenth 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Erin Feeley Merritt Tierce
89 11 God bless America God Bless America 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Diego Velasco Carolina Paiz
90 12 The big house The big house 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Phil Abraham Brian Chamberlayne
91 13 Here we get off Here's Where We Get Off 26th July 2019 26th July 2019 Mark A. Burley Jenji Kohan

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