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Otto Dross (born October 23, 1861 in Naugard , † May 27, 1916 in Stargard in Pomerania ) was a German writer and high school teacher.


Otto Dross was born on October 23, 1861 in Naugard in Pomerania, the son of a teacher.

After graduating from high school in Dramburg , he studied classical philology and German literature from 1885 to 1893 at the University of Berlin , the University of Greifswald and the University of Halle . After that he completed the preparatory service for the teaching post in Kolberg and Stettin from until 1895. Then Dross was a high school teacher, first in Gollnow , from 1903 in Stargard in Pomerania . On December 20, 1909, he received the title of high school professor . He died in Stargard on May 27, 1916.

Otto Dross had a penchant for astronomy . He became known as a writer. His last work, Die Liebelose , was published in 1919 after his death; since then, however, his works have not seen any new editions.

Works (selection)

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