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The Outback Highway is a series of highways and unpaved gravel roads in Australia . The Outback Highway, often just called the Outback Way , extends over a length of 2,800 kilometers from northern Queensland , through the Northern Territory to southern Western Australia . The idea of ​​this highway was to offer an alternative to National Highway 1 , which runs along the coast to the north and south.


Sign in Boulia on Kennedy Developmental Road / Outback Highway
The Stuart Highway as part of the Outback Highway


The Outback Highway begins in Winton in northwest Queensland. In Winton, the Kennedy Developmental Road crosses the Landsborough Highway . About five kilometers west of Winton, the Kennedy Developmental Road branches off to the west and forms the first part of the Outback Highway.

After about 350 kilometers, the village of Boulia is reached. From Boulia, the Donohue Highway forms the second part of the Outback Highway and leads over 235 kilometers to the border with the Northern Territory.

Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory, the Outback Highway continues with the Plenty Highway . This leads from the border with Queensland for about 500 kilometers west and meets the Stuart Highway almost 70 kilometers north of Alice Springs .

The next sections of the Outback Highway form the Stuart Highway south to Erldunda and the Lasseter Highway from Erldunda west to Yulara .

From Yulara, the Great Central Road continues west, past Kata Tjuṯa , to Kaltukatjara (Docker River) on the border with Western Australia. From Kata Tjuṯa, the Great Central Road is a dirt but well-maintained road.

Western Australia

After the border, the Great Central Road continues via Warakurna to Warburton , the first major town in Western Australia. Until a few years ago there was an alternative route on this section, which was part of the Gunbarrel Highway , but has since been closed to traffic. From Warburton, it's another 575 kilometers on the Great Central Road to Laverton , about 360 kilometers north of Kalgoorlie . With the end of the Great Central Road in Laverton, the stretch of the Outback Highway also ends.

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