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NASA satellite image of Owa Riki (Landsat 7)
NASA satellite image of Owa Riki ( Landsat 7 )
Waters Pacific Ocean
Archipelago Solomon Islands
Geographical location 10 ° 53 '28 "  S , 162 ° 26' 45"  E Coordinates: 10 ° 53 '28 "  S , 162 ° 26' 45"  E
Owariki (Solomon Islands)
length 3.2 km
width 2.1 km
surface 5.62 km²
Highest elevation 97  m
Residents 811 (23 November 2009)
144 inhabitants / km²
main place Raghapu
Santa Catalina as part of the Eastern District of Makira
Santa Catalina as part of the Eastern District of Makira

Owariki or Owa Riki (formerly Santa Catalina ) is an island of the island state of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific .


The small coral island is part of the Makira and Ulawa Province . It is 3.2 km long and 2.1 km wide and reaches a height of 97 meters. It is located in the Pacific, separated from the island of Makira (formerly San Cristóbal ) by a 7.5 km wide strait . 2.8 km north of it is the somewhat larger island of Owaraha (formerly Santa Ana). In between lies the Paraghawa Strait . There are three villages on the island: Naparaomafal , Mwamwako and Raghapu .


In 1932 the Austrian ethnologist and photographer Hugo Bernatzik visited the two neighboring islands and documented the lives of the residents. He was convinced that this culture could not withstand the growing pressure of Western civilization. His book Owa Raha was published in Vienna in 1936.

Language and culture

On Owariki and Owaraha the inhabitants belong to the same culture as the inhabitants of the southeastern tip of the island of Makira. Their language is the Owa language , which has the language code stn according to ISO 639-3 . The earlier name was the Santa Ana language . The Anglican Church of the Province of Melanesia has been printing various publications in this language since 1938 .

In March, is on the Owariki yams -Restival and in May or June, the Wogasia celebrated -Fest.


Owariki and Owaraha are called at by cruise ships from time to time . Otherwise, the island can be reached in up to four hours by motorized canoe from the provincial capital Kirakira on Makira.


  • Hugo Bernatzik: Owa Raha , Gutenberg Book Guild , Vienna / Zurich / Prague 1936

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