Pontifical Committee for World Eucharistic Congresses

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The Pontifical Committee for World Eucharistic Congresses ( Latin: Pontificius Comitatus Eucharisticis Internationalibus Conventibus provehendis , Italian : Pontificio Comitato per i Congressi Eucaristici Internazionali ) is a body of the Roman Curia and was founded by Pope Leo XIII. founded. Benedict XVI. approved a new statute on 2009. The committee has its seat in the State of the Vatican City .


The first Eucharistic World Congress was in 1881 on the initiative of Leo XIII. held in Lille . As early as 1879, a permanent committee for the Eucharistic World Congress was established. With the new statute of April 2, 1986, the committee of John Paul II received the title "Pontifical Committee for World Eucharistic Congresses". Benedict XVI. approved the new statute on December 24, 2009.

Task and way of working

The main task of the Pontifical Committee is the planning and pastoral preparation of the World Eucharistic Congress. It examines the applicant congress city and determines the congress theme together with the delegates . The committee has both approved by the Pope. For further preparation, the committee creates the basic text and determines the program. The chairman of the committee appoints a delegate from all patriarchates , synods and bishops' conferences to the planning staff . National committees are recommended as a supporting element.

Composition and organization

The committee is headed by a president who is appointed by the Pope for a period of five years. He can be confirmed in his office. The Pope appoints all other members of the committee, who then elect a vice-president. The organs of the committee are the general assembly and the board of directors. The general assembly, which is called every two years, includes all members, the national delegates and the persons additionally invited by the president. The Executive Council meets at least once a year and consists of the President, the Vice-President and the members appointed by the Pope. The secretariat is composed of the officials of the Pontifical Committee.


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