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Cardinal Edouard Gagnon PSS (born January 15, 1918 in Port-Daniel , Québec , Canada , † August 25, 2007 in Montreal ) was a Canadian Curia Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church .


Edouard Gagnon studied Catholic theology and philosophy in Montreal and completed his training with the licentiate examination and subsequent doctorate in theology. In 1940 he received the sacrament of ordination . After further studies, he received his doctorate in 1944 at the University of Québec in the department of canon law . Then he taught moral theology and canon law, before he in 1954 rain of the Seminary of Manitoba was. He participated as a peritus at the Second Vatican Council and provided the task of the Superior General of the Sulpizians of Canada, Latin America and Japan .

On February 19, 1969 he was appointed by Pope Paul VI. appointed Bishop of St. Paul in Alberta . He was ordained bishop on March 25, 1969, by the Apostolic Delegate in Canada, Archbishop Emanuele Clarizio ; Co-consecrators were the Archbishop of Edmonton , Anthony Jordan OMI , and the Archbishop of Saint-Boniface , Maurice Baudoux .

Pope Paul VI appointed him three years later. as rector of the Pontifical Canadian College in Rome, founded in 1888, and a few months later as President of the Committee on Family Affairs. With the establishment of the Pontifical Council for the Family , Gagnon became its first pro-president on July 7, 1983 (the name for a president who is not cardinal). As titular archbishop he was awarded the titular archbishopric Iustiniana Prima . Pope John Paul II accepted Gagnon on May 25, 1985 as a cardinal deacon with the title diaconia Sant'Elena fuori Porta Prenestina in the college of cardinals and shortly afterwards he appointed him president of the council for the family. On January 29, 1996 he was elevated to cardinal priest with the titular church of San Marcello . From 1991 to 2001 he was President of the Pontifical Committee for the International Eucharistic Congresses ; In 1987 Gagnon undertook a visitation trip through institutions and training centers of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X. (FSSPX) and in the following years he worked for a mediation between the Vatican and the FSSPX , which failed due to the preconditions of the brotherhood. Edouard Gagnon died on August 25, 2007 at the age of 89 in Montreal.

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