Apostolic Delegate

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The apostolic delegate or papal envoy is the representative of the Apostolic See who maintains contact with church institutions and people.

If the representative of the Apostolic See is not only a link to the local Church , but also an accredited ambassador to a state, he is referred to as an Apostolic Nuncio . In contrast to this, a delegate does not have the rights and privileges under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, such as personal immunity .

The Codex of Canon Law designates all apostolic legates in the Latin version as legati pontificii (" papal legates "), in the German version as "papal envoys". In canon law there is therefore no difference between papal nuncios and delegates. In its territory, the Apostolic Delegate has precedence over all bishops except cardinals and patriarchs . There he is also allowed to wear a cingulum , pileolus and a hat made of purple moiré silk and to celebrate services in all churches in his area of ​​responsibility, including pontificals .

There are currently eleven Apostolic Delegates:

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