Paul Rodemann

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Paul Rodemann

Paul Rodemann (born April 22, 1887 in Magdeburg ; † February 23, 1963 in Offenbach am Main ) founded the Darmstadt Echo as a regional daily newspaper together with Johann Sebastian Dang after the Second World War with the permission of the American military authorities in Darmstadt, southern Hesse .

The working-class son volunteered at the Harburger Volksblatt and Hamburger Echo before he went to the First World War in 1914. In 1919 he was elected to the Weimar National Assembly for the Social Democrats . He later worked as an editor for social democratic newspapers in Schwerin , Hameln and Offenbach .

Because of his political commitment, he was first thrown into prison after Hitler's " seizure of power " and later taken to a concentration camp. After his release he was under Gestapo supervision and was banned from working.

After the invasion of the Americans, the military authorities initially appointed Rodemann as deputy district administrator for the Offenbach district before he became a license holder of the Frankfurter Rundschau . At the Darmstädter Echo he took over the politics department. Prison and concentration camp detention had affected Rodemann's health. Mainly for these reasons, he left the Darmstädter Echos as a partner in 1949 . He lived in Offenbach until his death.


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