Pavlodarsky Traktorny Zavod

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Павлодарский тракторный завод
Pavlodarsky Traktorny Sawod
legal form Production association
founding 1966
resolution 2006
Reason for dissolution insolvency
Seat Pavlodar , Kazakhstan
Branch Tractor construction

The Pawlodarski Traktorny Sawod , German Pavlodar Tractor Plant , PTS or PTZ for short ( Russian Павлодарский тракторный завод , ПТЗ for short) was an initially Soviet and later Kazakh manufacturer of tractors . The company, founded in 1966, was based in Pavlodar , Kazakhstan and was declared insolvent for the first time in 1998. Various successor companies and investors tried until around 2006 to set up new tractor production at the old location, which ultimately failed. At least in Soviet times, the work was nicknamed VI Lenin .

Company history

Building of the former factory in Pavlodar (2009)
A DT-75 from the production of the Pavlodar plant, photographed in Listvyanka (2008)

The plant was founded in 1966 as Pavlodarski Traktorny Sawod imeni WI Lenin (Russian: Павлодарский тракторный завод им. В. И. Ленина), tractors of the type DT-“75 were built on August 12, 1968 , and Kazakhstan “Received. The vehicle was originally developed in the Volgogradski Traktorny Sawod and is still being built there today.

The tractors built in the 1960s and 1970s still had the original round cab, were painted blue and had the word “Казахстан” on the bonnet. It was not until the mid-1980s that the DT-75ML, a modernized version with a rectangular cabin and a different color scheme, was introduced. 1984 was the year with the highest emissions in the company's history - 55,000 tractors were built.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union , the Pavlodar plant was hit by serious economic problems. In 1997, 1,879 tractors were built. In 1998 the company was declared bankrupt for the first time.

In the following years the company changed its name several times and was also sold several times. There was a plan to manufacture tractors of the types MTZ-80 and MTZ-82 from the Minski Traktorny Sawod under license. The plan failed, however, also due to various bad investments. In 2006, the then Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Danial Akhmetov , declared that the government would not provide any funds to save the company.

In 2007, an entrepreneur founded an allegedly licensed spare parts production facility for Belarus tractors on the basis of the old factory. A little later, a Kazakh court sentenced him to seven years in prison for fraud. The remaining machines were used as payment for the creditors . Since then, no further activities of other companies aiming at producing tractor production in Pavlodar are known.


In its history, the plant produced essentially only one tractor model. About 862,300 copies of the DT-75 chain tractor were built in Pavlodar between 1968 and 1995. Production ended around 1998.

In addition, a new chain tractor was designed after the collapse of the Soviet Union . The vehicle with the designation T-95.4 was supposed to be manufactured from 2001, but never even came close to the same quantities as the DT-75.

It is unclear whether tractors of the Minski Traktorny Sawods were actually built under license.

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