Peltrül Jigme Chökyi Wangpo

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Patrul Rinpoche, Tibetan yogi
Tibetan name
Tibetan script :
དཔལ་ སྤྲུལ་ ཨོ་ རྒྱན་ འཇིགས་ མེད་ ཆོས་ ཀྱི་ དབང་ པོ
Wylie transliteration :
dpal sprul o rgyan 'jigs med chos kyi dbang po
THDL transcription :
Peltrül Orgyen Jikmé Chökyi Wangpo

Peltrül (Patrul) Rinpoche Jigme Chökyi Wangpo ( Tib. 'Jigs med chos kyi dbang po ; * 1808 ; † 1887 ) was a well-known teacher and author of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism . He is seen as an emanation of Shantideva , the author of the Bodhicharyavatara.


Jigme Chökyi Wangpo was born in Dzachuka in Eastern Tibet in 1808. After he was recognized as the reincarnation of Pelge Samten Phüntshog (tib .: dpal dge bsam gtan phun tshogs ;? -1807) received the name 'Pelge Trülku ' (tib .: dpal dge sprul sku , abbreviated to 'Peltrül', tib .: dpal sprul ). He had a clear intelligence and great kindness of heart. As a child, Peltrül was appointed head of the monastery of his previous incarnation. He was trained by the yogi Jigme Gyelwe Nyugu (Tib .: 'jigs med rgyal ba'i myu gu ; 1765–1842), a student of the Dzogchen master Jigme Lingpa , who in turn had received his spiritual knowledge from Longchenpa through visions. Longchenpa was one of the founders of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. He had summarized the many techniques of Padmasambhava in one teaching.

In his youth, Peltrül was a perfectionist. He learned from many spiritual masters of his time and tried to implement their teachings perfectly. One day, however, he met the undogmatic master Doe Kyentse , who threw him to the ground and insulted him with the words: “You think you are a very clever monk. In reality, you haven't understood anything yet. You are nothing, an old dog. "

That was too much for the ambitious Peltrul. Completely shocked, he let go of all his perfectionism. He took Master's statement seriously, visualized himself as an old dog, and spontaneously broke through to enlightenment. After that he gave up his monastery career, called himself "Old Dog" and wandered around the country as a free yogi. He helped creatively where he was needed. He traveled the country as an inconspicuous master and only revealed himself when it was necessary.

Peltrül once lived with a young mother and her children for a long time. When he gave a lecture in a famous monastery, he made a lot of money and gave it to the young mother. The young woman now had enough money to last her whole life.

Peltrül practiced as a yogi in the Yamantaka cave for a long time and wrote his famous book The Words of My Perfect Teacher there . In it he explains in simple terms the path of Tibetan Buddhism, starting with the preparatory exercises, through deity yoga, to Amitabha meditation while dying.

The essence of the teaching

"Use the time of your life. Develop your inner happiness. Recognize the impermanence of all outer happiness. Live as a yogi . Do your spiritual exercises. Work as a Bodhisattva for a happy world. Become an Amitabha , a Buddha of love and light. Change yours World into the paradise Sukhavati by developing the enlightenment energy in you.

Find a spiritual master who knows the goal of enlightenment . Make your world a place of grace by understanding all appearances as spiritual exercises. Devote your actions to the good of all beings. Send light to all beings. Work for the happiness of all beings. This is how you live in the energy of light. "


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Peltrül Jigme Chökyi Wangpo (alternative names of the lemma)
dpal sprul 'jigs med chos kyi dbang po, Bazhu Jimei Queji Wangbu 巴 珠 • 吉 美 却 吉 旺 布 , Bazhu Jinmei Quji Wangbu 巴 珠 • 晋 美 曲 吉 旺 布 ; Dza dPal-sprul O-rgyan 'Jigs-med-chos-kyi-dbang-po; 巴 珠 邬 坚 吉 美 却 吉旺波; 巴 珠 吉 美 却 吉旺波