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The perineum (Latin, from ancient Greek περίνεος perineos , German 'dam' ; older Perinaeum ) or the dam is the region between the anus and the external genital organs in mammals . In men this is the region between the anus and scrotum (scrotum), in women it is between the anus and the posterior pubic cleft . The perineal suture ( raphe perinei ) lies in the median plane and continues into the scrotum suture in men . In addition to the covering skin , which is richly sensitively innervated, the perineum mainly consists of muscles that belong to the pelvic floor muscles . The muscles of the perineum are divided into muscles of the anal region and muscles of the urogenital region.

The perineum is the erogenous zone for both sexes . The innervation takes place mainly through branches of the pudendal nerve , beyond the participating nerve ilioinguinalis , genitofemoral nerve , posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh and anococcygei Nervi . In men, an erection can be increased by applying pressure to the perineum. When touched, the external anal sphincter muscle ( muscle sphincter ani externus ), the so-called perineal reflex, contracts .


A perineal hernia is a hernia (break) of the pelvic floor with a protrusion of the perineum. It is relatively common in uncastrated male domestic dogs . The break occurs either between the external sphincter ani muscle and the levator ani muscle or between the levator ani muscle and the coccygeus muscle .

A perineal tear is a more common birth injury. Therefore, a perineal incision is sometimes made as a preventive measure .

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