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Peter (John) Milano (born December 22, 1925 in Cleveland , Ohio - † April 21, 2012 ) was an Italian-American mobster of the American Cosa Nostra and boss of the Dragna family in California .


Early years

Milano was born in Cleveland in 1925 to Anthony "Tony" and Josephine Milano . His father was a member of the La Cosa Nostra and from 1930 until his death in 1976 he was the underboss of the Cleveland Crime Family . His uncle Frank "Ciccio" Milano was the official head of the family in Cleveland for five years until his flight to Mexico before tax investigations in 1935 and even held a seat on the commission of the National Crime Syndicate . Peter himself had 3 brothers; Frank , John and Carmen Joseph .

The Milano family moved to Beverly Hills in the late 1930s and early 1940s . After graduating from high school, young Peter Milano became part of Kosher Nostra "Mickey" Cohen's gambling operations but then joined the Los Angeles family and became a full member of La Cosa Nostra .


He rose in the hierarchy and became a capo regime of the clan. He also represented the connection to the Cleveland Crime Family , where his father and uncle worked - also pursued interests on the west coast of the United States and therefore worked closely with Los Angeles .

In March 1973, Milano was charged, along with six others, with illegal gambling in Los Angeles. However, the prosecution essentially failed when the main witness for the prosecution: John Dubcek was murdered in Las Vegas . However, a few months later, along with eleven other people, a. a. convicted of conspiracy and sentenced to four years in prison.

In 1981, senior members of the Los Angeles family , including boss Dominic Brooklier , were sentenced to long prison terms under the RICO Act . Milano moved to the top of the family and acted as the "acting boss" of the imprisoned bosses. When Brooklier died in 1984, he himself became the official head of Los Angeles and his brother Carmen , who had been a lawyer until then, was his "underboss".

In 1988 Milano was charged again and sentenced to six years in prison. Other accused were his brother Carmen , Charles Caci , Vincent Caci , Stephan Cino , Albert Nunez and Rocco Zangari . On April 4, 1991, Milano was released on parole and was then able to avoid further charges, although z. B. His involvement in the 1997 murder of Herbert Blitzstein was assumed.


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