Peter Vincent Bruyns

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Peter Vincent Bruyns (born March 25, 1957 in Cape Town ) is a South African mathematician and botanist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Bruyns ".


After graduating from the University of Cape Town , Bruyns continued his studies in mathematics at the University of Oxford and received his doctorate in 1986. From 1987 he was a lecturer in mathematics at the University of Cape Town and completed a postgraduate course in botany. He then worked as a research assistant at the Bolus Herbarium.

His specialty is the silk plant family .


He published numerous publications, e.g. E.g.:

  • Monograph of Orbea & Ballyanthus, Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae, Ceropegieae. 196 pp. ISBN 0912861630 , 2002
  • Stapeliads of Southern Africa and Madagascar . Ed. South Africa: Umdaus Press. Dos vols. vi + 606 pp. 1,385 ilustr. ISBN 1919766375 & ISBN 1919766383 , 2005 demolition

Dedication names

Some genera and species have been named in his honor, for example:


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