Pharmaceutical Newspaper

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Pharmaceutical Newspaper

description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise pharmacy
language German
publishing company Avoxa Media Group ( Germany )
First edition 1856
Frequency of publication weekly / thursdays
Widespread edition 32,786 copies
( IVW  Q1 / 2020)
Editors-in-chief Theo Dingermann, Benjamin Rohrer, Sven Siebenand
editor ABDA - Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations
Web link website
ISSN (print)

The Pharmazeutische Zeitung (PZ) is a specialist pharmaceutical journal . The Pharmaceutical Newspaper is the central organ for pharmacists in the Federal Republic of Germany and is run by the ABDA - Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Apothekerverband e. V. published.

History of origin

The magazine first appeared in 1822 (publisher Varnhagen) as a monthly supplement in the Pharmacy Archives , after 1824 it was first published again in Bunzlau (publisher Appun ) (1856-1885), then by Springer Verlag (1886-1950) in Berlin, Göttingen and Heidelberg relocated. Govi-Verlag then took over the publication, initially based in Frankfurt (Main), later in Eschborn . On July 1, 2016, Govi-Verlag was merged with Werbe- und Vertriebsgesellschaft Deutscher Apotheker mbH (WuV) and the IT / EDP and technical services divisions of VGDA - Verwaltungsgesellschaft Deutscher Apotheker mbH to form Avoxa - Mediengruppe Deutscher Apotheker GmbH .

According to the reader analysis for pharmacy trade magazines 2017 (LA-PHARM), the Pharmazeutische Zeitung is the most widely read trade publication for pharmacists. Each issue of the Pharmazeutische Zeitung is read by an average of 71.3 percent of pharmacy managers, 66.5 percent of licensed employees and 47.3 percent of PTA and pharmaceutical engineers. The reach across all professional groups in the pharmacy is 56.3 percent.

The pharmaceutical newspaper appears weekly on Thursday.

The pharmaceutical newspaper has been online with its online edition since 1996 (4,080,878 page impressions and 2,186,347 visits ( IVW as of July 2020)). In the LA-PHARM 2017 survey, the Pharmazeutische Zeitung ranks first among the specialist magazine websites: 37.3 percent of the target group obtain information at least once a month from The reach of the pharmacy managers is even 49.8 percent and that of the licensed employees 45.8 percent.

PTA forum

The pharmaceutical newspaper also comes with the magazine “ PTA Forum ” in 24 editions per year . The magazine contains articles and assistance for the consultation with customers - specially prepared for the job description of the pharmaceutical technical assistant (PTA). PTA forum can also be subscribed to separately.


The magazine PZ Prisma was founded as an independent magazine in 1993 as the successor to "PZ Wissenschaft". PZ Prisma appears four times a year. The content is based on the nine areas in which pharmacists can specialize: general pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, drug information, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical technology, toxicology & ecology, theoretical & practical training, public health, clinical chemistry.


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