Phlyctis argena

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Phlyctis argena
Phlyctis argena

Phlyctis argena

Class : Lecanoromycetes
Subclass : Ostropomycetidae
Order : Ostropales
Family : Phlyctidaceae
Genre : Phlyctis
Type : Phlyctis argena
Scientific name
Phlyctis argena
( Oh. ) Flot.

Phlyctis argena is a common crusty lichen species in Central Europethat grows mainly on tree bark.


The whitish to gray, mostly thin-crusty thallus ( often lightening towards the clearly delimited edge) breaks up towards the center of the bed in an irregular, large-area, granular, sorediose manner . Apothecia are very rare (then black, white frosted and sunken, up to 0.4 mm in diameter).


Phlyctis argena is common from southern Scandinavia to the Mediterranean area. It has a broad ecological amplitude and grows preferentially on smooth to cracked bark of deciduous trees, sometimes on coniferous wood, and rarely on silicate rock.


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