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Erik Acharius.
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Erik Acharius (born October 10, 1757 in Gävle , † August 14, 1819 in Vadstena ) was a Swedish doctor and botanist . He dealt with lichens and is considered the founder of lichenology (lichen science). Its official botanical author abbreviation is “ Oh. "

Live and act

Acharius studied from 1773 at the University of Uppsala with Carl von Linné . He went to Stockholm in 1778 and got a job at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences , where he drew scientific objects.

In 1782 he moved to Lund to at the local University store his degree in medicine. Acharius was subsequently promoted to doctorate, but without having obtained a doctorate. After a few years as a practicing doctor in Skåne , Acharius was appointed doctor for the city of Landskrona in 1785 . In 1789 he became the Provincial Physician of Östergötland and in 1795 head of the newly created Kurhaus in Vadstena . There he received the authority of a professor in 1803.

His works include publications on the systematics of lichens , such as "Lichenographiae svecicae prodromus" (Linköping 1798). He completed and modified the lichen system in the writings: "Methodus, qua omnes detectos lichenes ad genera redigere tentavit" (Stockholm 1803; Hamburg 1805, 2 parts); "Lichenographia universalis" (Göttingen 1810); "Synopsis methodica lichenum" (Lund 1814).

Acharius created several scientific terms that are still in use today, including the term apothecium .

Taxa named after Acharius

The Swedish naturalist Carl Peter Thunberg named the genus Acharia of the plant family Achariaceae in his honor .

Also several plant species z. B. Rosa acharii and Conferva acharii as well as the tortrix achariana butterfly species are named after him.


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