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Ruprecht Peter Georg Düll (born February 18, 1931 in Weimar , Thuringia ; † June 7, 2014 in Bad Münstereifel , North Rhine-Westphalia ) was a German botanist . Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Düll ".

Live and act

As a child, Düll was fascinated by the world of plants and accompanied his father on excursions. From 1950 to 1955 he completed a degree in biology (majoring in botany) at the University of Jena , which he graduated with a diploma. In 1961 he published a treatise on bastard whitebeams , in which he scientifically described the Baden whitebeam he had discovered . In the following years he was a research assistant at the Humboldt University in Berlin , Heidelberg and Tübingen , where he also received his doctorate. After teaching at a grammar school in Karlsruhe and his second wedding in 1969, he became deputy director of the Botanical Garden in Oldenburg . From 1971 to 1996 he was a professor and chair holder for botany at the Gerhard Mercator University in Duisburg . In addition, he made several botanical expeditions to Mexico , the Atlantic islands, the Aegean and North America . Düll's main focus was the research and mapping of moss species as well as native and Mediterranean flowering plants .

Works (selection)

  • 1959: Our mountain ash and their bastards. In: Die Neue Brehm-Bücherei 226; Reprinted in 2006.
  • 1961: The Sorbus species and their hybrids in Bavaria and Thuringia. In: Reports of the Bavarian Botanical Society Volume 34, pp. 11–65.
  • 1976: Botanical-ecological excursion pocket book. 1st edition. From 2nd edition (1986) together with Herfried Kutzelnigg . New title: Pocket Lexicon of Germany's Plants (6th edition, 2005, 7th edition, 2011)
  • 1980: The mosses (Bryophyta) of the Rhineland, taking into account the rarer species of neighboring Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate
  • 1985: Excursion pocket book of the most important mosses in Germany. An introduction to moss science, with special consideration of the biology and ecology of the mosses (for the magnification of the easily recognizable species in the area). Rheydt 1985.
  • 2000: Color Atlas of Lichen and Mosses (with Volkmar Wirth)
  • 2003: Secrets of the Mediterranean flora (with Irene Düll)
  • 2012: Determine mosses easily and safely: An illustrated excursion guide to the species in Germany and neighboring countries (with Barbara Düll-Wunder)

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