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Piet Sielck 2014

Piet Sielck (born November 14, 1964 ) is a German guitarist , singer , songwriter and producer . He is a member and founder of the power / speed metal band Iron Savior and owner of the Powerhouse Studio in Hamburg .


Sielck's first musical station was the band Gentry (from which Helloween later developed), in which he played guitar as a teenager together with Kai Hansen . In 1982 he left the band and initially worked as a sound engineer , then moved to Los Angeles for a year for further training purposes . Upon his return he began a career as a producer; his first production was Heading for Tomorrow , the debut album by Gamma Ray , his old friend Hansen's new band. Other well-known bands he has worked with include Uriah Heep , Saxon and Blind Guardian . He maintains a good relationship with the latter in particular, as a guest musician on several of their albums. In addition, he also produced albums by young and unknown bands such as Beyond Surface .

In 1996 Sielck founded his own band, Iron Savior , together with Kai Hansen and Blind Guardian drummer Thomen Stauch . The two left later due to lack of time, but Sielck continued to lead the band with new musicians. In 2004 he also joined Stauch's new band, Savage Circus, as a guitarist . In December 2011 Sielck left Savage Circus to devote himself exclusively to Iron Savior again.

Furthermore, Sielck was one of the three managing directors of the Dockyard 1 label , which was based in Hamburg. Sielck acted primarily as a sponsor and figurehead for the label. The label ceased operations in 2009.