Pleschinger See

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Pleschinger See
Pleschinger See on an Indian summer day ; in the background the nudist area in the east / south
Geographical location Plesching, urban area of Steyregg , Upper Austria
Tributaries Groundwater sources
Drain none
Coordinates 48 ° 19 '9 "  N , 14 ° 19' 57"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 19 '9 "  N , 14 ° 19' 57"  E
Pleschinger See (Upper Austria)
Pleschinger See
Altitude above sea level 248  m above sea level A.
surface 13 ha
Maximum depth 8 m


Recreation area, nudist area

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The Pleschinger lake is in the northwest of the Upper Austrian municipality of Steyregg located recreation area .

It includes the swimming lake, the green belt with various parking lots, restaurants and snack bars, as well as playgrounds, a campsite and, since 2004, an allotment garden. For lovers of nudism , there has been a nudist area on the lake since May 29, 1982 . Due to its immediate location next to the city limits of Linz , it is often used by the people of Linz; it is sometimes incorrectly counted as part of the urban area of ​​Linz.

Pleschinger See recreational area

The up to eight meters deep "Plesch" has a water surface of 13  hectares . A two-kilometer footpath and bike path leads around the former gravel pit . In summer, up to 30,000 bathers from Linz and the northern Linz area cavort in the local recreation area every day. In spring and autumn the lake is popular with divers and anglers. In winter it is a meeting place for ice skaters and curlingers .

You can get to the lake by bike from the Nibelungen and VÖEST bridges , but also via bike routes along two streams to the east, practically car-free on or along the flood dam. Unfortunately, the Steyregger Bridge, although it is supported on the flood dam, has no connection for bicycle and foot traffic.

With the establishment and continuous increase of parking spaces around 1990, the car traffic share of those arriving increased and is thus similar to that of the older, competing Pichlinger See south-east of Linz.

Since 2005 you can take the 33 bus all the way to the lake. The stop is exactly on the east side of the lake on the border between the textile and nudist area.


As early as 1976, when a gravel excavator with a grab on the rope was standing on the lake shore, the lake was still divided into two by a narrow footbridge and the fresh embankments barely had any vegetation, the lake was used for swimming. Cyclists and runners who used the flood dam both for sport and for excursions had a good view of the lake, which was rather hidden from motorists; Parking spaces were not available for a long time.

A restaurant with toilet facilities, showers, changing rooms and its own brick toilet facilities, first on the northwest side with and later on the southeast side - in the nudist zone separated by a fence and bushes - without changing rooms, gradually followed. The city of Linz took over the operation, the meadow was cultivated, garbage cans set up, and drinking water taps set up. As car parking spaces were gradually being built along the entire eastern half of the lake close to the riverbank meadows, the southern shore, which had remained quiet for a long time and is now part of the official nudist area, also became louder. Gravel bars about half a meter high were heaped up between the rows of parking lots and on the edge of the meadow to provide soundproofing. Perhaps it would have been more effective not to lay the access road to the car parking spaces on the edge of the parking area near the lake, but consistently away from the lake.

Cyclists and pedestrians made their way down a steep descent from the embankment over the embankment to the restaurant; Even a barrier to an asphalt path south of the restaurant was bypassed so numerous by cyclists that a furrow was formed here. Around 1988 - after the increase in cycling tourism along the Danube  - camping facilities with a tent on a fenced-in meadow with shower and toilet were created in the restaurant building.

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