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Police assistance (abbreviation: PA ) refers to an internal and uniformed department of the police in the German-speaking part of Switzerland , which relieves frontline police officers through their secondary activities. It is an umbrella term for professions that perform police duties or perform tasks in the context of public safety and order.

tasks and activities

Police assistants are representatives of the executive and in particular respects legal and law obliged. Their tasks vary depending on the police force and canton . There are police assistants both in the corps of the canton police (Kapo) and in the city ​​police (Stapo).

The core task is basically the transport of prisoners, guarding and protecting detained persons in public spaces ( court , hospital ), property protection , corps protection, person control and traffic control .

Examples are:

  • Embassy protection
  • Border police
  • PAD: Police Assistance Service
  • Police assistant
  • Security assistant (police)


The specialized and uniformed units are in most police forces for their own protection and to protect the fitted her anvertrautem object or person entrusted with the respective regular corps equipment and armed.


The police assistant was first mentioned in writing in Zurich in 1907 and was a modification of the Stuttgart auxiliary police officer.


Since the training to become a police assistant is not only shorter than that of a regular police officer, but also the personnel costs are lower, there are criticisms of this modernization within some police corps:

"But we defend ourselves if the police assistants are supposed to take on more and more tasks simply to save money."

- Johanna Bundi, President of the Association of Swiss Police Officers (VSPB)

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Job information for the various police corps in German-speaking Switzerland :

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