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Post flag of Finnmark

A mail ship is a ship that supplies islands or overseas areas with mail and often also with daily necessities such as food and usually also transports passengers .

The Nordstjernen , a former Hurtigruten mail ship

For remote islands, the mail boat is sometimes the only connection with the rest of the world. For example, the island of Tristan da Cunha in the Atlantic was only approached once a year by a mail ship. Several German Halligen are currently being supplied by post by post ship. The seaside resort ships that head for the North Sea island of Helgoland every day can also be described as post ships, as corresponding transport contracts exist. Similarly, in the Spreewald by post Kahn the mail delivered.

On April 1, 1891, Germany had set up floating post offices on mail steamer to the United States , which processed mail carried along or ship mail . From around 1930, some of the large mail and passenger steamers carried a catapult plane , which was sent to the destination by post as soon as the range allowed it.

Probably the best known mail line is the Norwegian Hurtigruten .

Also on rivers such as For example, the Danube and lakes like Lake Constance were used by mail ships.

The Austrian postal traffic map from around 1990 indicated the route from the Hallstatt train station on the east bank of Lake Hallstatt to the city of Hallstatt on the west bank as the only ship post route (in blue). When the lake was sufficiently frozen, the course was operated by a sledge. For many years now, however, the Post has been driving by truck on the road on the west bank, which has 2 tunnels.

The state of Tokelau , which is dependent on New Zealand and is remote in the South Pacific, was previously only approached 3-4 times by a mail ship. Since 2016, a supply ship financed by New Zealand has come about every two weeks.

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