Prefecture (Italy)

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Palazzo del Governo in Trieste , seat of the local prefecture
Schematic structure of an Italian prefecture

A prefecture (Italian: Prefettura ) is the representation of the central government in Italy in over 100 Italian provinces . Since 2004 the official name is prefettura - ufficio territoriale del governo or "Prefecture - Territorial Office of the Government". The head of such an office is a prefect (prefetto) .

Tasks and organization

As the chief representative of the central government in the province, the prefect is responsible for the efficient administrative work of the government branches in the province and therefore oversees their activities. He also oversees the administration of the municipalities (registry and registration offices). Original tasks of the prefect and his office in the province are public security (with the quaestor ), civil protection (in cooperation with local self-government bodies), immigration and asylum, elections, the issuing of various state certificates, licenses and permits, as well as care relations with the self-governing bodies of regions , provinces and municipalities. For the latter reason, the prefectures are also seen as “ embassies within”.

A prefectural head of office is the prefect, who is supported and advised by a head of cabinet and a cabinet. The prefecture is divided into several departments, which are usually coordinated by the senior vice-prefect. Usually there are the following departments:

In the 110 provinces of Italy (including the Aosta Valley ) there are currently (2015) a total of 103 prefectures. In the autonomous region of Aosta Valley, which is also counted as a province because of its small territorial extent, there is no prefecture, but a commission that takes on coordination tasks between the central government and the regional government. In the autonomous provinces of South Tyrol and Trentino , the local government representatives are called "Government Commissariat". In Sardinia there are four prefectures in four provinces. In four other provinces of Sardinia, which have since been abolished in their original form, the central government has never established prefectures.

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