Prostaglandin D2 receptor

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Prostaglandin D2 receptor
Properties of human protein
Mass / length primary structure 359 amino acids
Secondary to quaternary structure multipass transmembrane protein
Gene name PTGDR
External IDs
Homology family Prostanoid receptors
Parent taxon Euteleostomi

The prostaglandin D 2 receptor , or DP receptor for short , is a G protein-coupled receptor that is anchored in the cell membrane . After binding of prostaglandin D 2 of the extracellular domain, bound to the intracellular domain of activated G αs protein to adenylate cyclase , which in an increase of cAMP results in the cell.

The DP receptor is mainly found in the brain, the retina, some smooth muscle cells ( bronchi , small intestine ) and in blood platelets . Mutations in PTGDR - gene are with asthmatic associated symptoms.

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