Queer Eye (TV show, 2018)

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Television series
German title Queer Eye
Original title Queer Eye
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) since 2018
length 43-51 minutes
Episodes 33 in 4 seasons
genre Reality TV
Theme music All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)
idea David Collins
Initial release February 7, 2018 on Netflix

First publication in German
February 7, 2018 on Netflix

Queer Eye (German roughly “the queer eye”, “the queer look”) is an American reality TV show that started on February 7, 2018 on the video-on-demand provider Netflix . The series is a new edition of the television program of the same name (2003-2007) by the broadcaster Bravo , in which five queer experts (the so-called Fab Five , short for Fabulous Five - the "Fabulous Five") people on everyday issues of fashion, lifestyle and related topics to advise. The Fab Five include: Antoni Porowski , an expert on food and wine; Tan France , the fashion expert; Karamo Brown as an expert on culture and self-image; Bobby Berk , the design expert, and Jonathan Van Ness, the maintenance expert.


The episodes of the reality series always follow a similar pattern. The Fab Five receive a summary of a person who will accompany and advise them for a week in various areas of life (food and wine; fashion; culture; living; care). The Fab Five spend significantly more time with the candidates than in the original show, which should ensure a more intensive relationship. Although it is primarily about visual changes such as a new haircut or buying new items of clothing, deeper topics such as the appreciation of a candidate for himself or general social problems such as racism or homophobia are regularly addressed. The candidates are called Heroes . If there were only male heroes in the first season , an episode followed in the second season and several episodes with female heroes in the third season .


The first and second episodes were filmed in Atlanta , Georgia , although producer David Collins had planned the Ohio area as the location for the second season . The five main actors were selected in a casting in Los Angeles by a production team led by producer David Collins. Seasons 3 and 4 were filmed in and around Kansas City , Missouri . "Queer Eye - We're in Japan!" Was filmed in and around Tokyo , with Philadelphia , Pennsylvania being the location for season 5 . Season 6 will be filmed in Texas .

Episode list

All four seasons have eight episodes each. In addition, there was an episode that was released off-season and in which the Fab Five were active in the Australian outback . Season two had its own subtitle: Queer Eye - More than a makeover. The fourth season was published on July 19 on Netflix, on November 1, 2019 the spin-off "Queer Eye - We're in Japan!" Was published. Season 5 was released on June 5, 2020. Netflix announced in March 2020 that there will be a 6th season.

Season episode German title Original title Hero) Initial release
1 1 There is no medicine against ugliness "You Can't Fix Ugly" Tom February 7, 2018
2 Save Bigfoot "Saving Sasquatch" Neal
3 At some point every party is over "Dega Don't" Cory
4th Gay or not gay "To Gay or Not Too Gay" AJ
5 Camp rules "Camp Rules" Bobby
6th The renaissance of Remington "The Renaissance Of Remington" Remington
7th Below average "Below Average Joe" Joe
8th Camaraderie among firefighters "Pants Before Bros" Jeremy
2 9 God bless gay "God Bless Gay" Tammye June 15, 2018
10 A proposal "A Decent Proposal" William
11 Sexy beast "Unleash The Sexy Beast" Leo
12 Craftsmen can do everything "The Handyman Can" Jason
13 Everything is possible "Sky's The Limit" Skyler
14th Little big lies "Big Little Lies" Arian
15th Prettified "Bedazzled" Sean
16 Make Ted Great Again "Make Ted Great Again" Ted
Special 17th Yass, Australia "Yass, Australia!" George June 21, 2018
3 18th From the hunter to the hunted "From Hunter To Huntee" Jody 15th March 2019
19th The rebel "Lost Boy" Joey
20th Jones Bar-BQ "Jones Bar-BQ" Deborah aka "Little" and Mary aka "Shorty"
21st When Robert met Jamie "When Robert Met Jamie" Robert
22nd Black Girl Magic "Black Girl Magic" Jess
23 Elrod and Sons "Elrod & Sons" Rob
24 From sloth to wow animal "Sloth To Slay" Thomas
25th Baby on the go "Baby On Board" Tony
4th 26th The selfless teacher "Without Further Ado" Kathi 19th July 2019
27 Disabled but Not Really "Disabled but Not Really" Wesley
28 The listless stoner "Stoner Skates By" John
29 A new beginning for Wanda "How Wanda Got Her Groove Back" Wanda
30th Mole Kenny "On Golden Kenny" Kenny
31 The story of two cultures "A Tale of Two Cultures" Deanna
32 A soldier returns home "Soldier Returns Home" Brandonn
33 The modern farmer "Farm to Able" Frosted
We're in Japan! 34 A heart and a crown in Japanese "Japanese Holiday" Yoko 1st November 2019
35 Crazy in Love "Crazy in Love" Can
36 The ideal woman "The Ideal Woman" Kae
37 The revival of romance "Bringing Sexy Back" Makoto
5 38 Preaching Out Loud "Preaching Out Loud" Noah 5th June 2020
39 Groomer Has It "Groomer Has It" Rahanna
40 Father of the Bride "Father Of The Bride" Kevin
41 The North Philadelphia Story "The North Philadelphia Story" Tyreek
42 The Anxious Activist "The Anxious Activist" Abby
43 DJ's on repeat "DJ's On Repeat" Ryan
44 Silver Lining Sweeney "Silver Lining Sweeney" Jennifer
45 Father Knows Fish "Father Knows Fish" Marcos
46 Paging Dr. Yi "Paging Dr. Yi " Lilly
47 Body rock or bust "Body Rock Or Bust" Nate

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