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RPMI-1640 is a cell culture medium for normal and neoplastic leukocytes as well as other human and animal cell types. The formulation was developed by GE Moore and colleagues at the Roswell Park Memorial Institute , hence RPMI, in the mid-1960s .

Like almost all use today cell culture media used RPMI-1640 a bicarbonate - buffer system and is based on a solution of glucose , salts , amino acids and vitamins . Phenol red is still added as an indicator for the pH value .

For the cultivation of most cell types, the medium must be supplemented with other components, often with serum , which u. a. Growth factors , trace elements and hormones such as B. Insulin delivers.

Together with other cell culture media that were developed between 1950 and 1970 (e.g. DMEM and Ham's F12), RPMI-1640 is a typical example of a chemically defined cell culture medium that has since found widespread use and is still (almost) unchanged recipe is used, although the knowledge about the cellular metabolism has multiplied in the meantime.

Individual evidence

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