Radhapura - the end of the line for the damned

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Original title Radhapura - the end of the line for the damned
Country of production Germany
original language English
Publishing year 1967
length 80 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Hans Albin
script Rudolf Lubowski
Bob Cunningham
production Top, Ceylon Tours
music Nino Oliviero
camera Klaus von Rautenfeld

Radhapura - The End of the Damned is a German-produced adventure film set in a gold prospecting environment in Sri Lanka . It was released in German cinemas on July 26, 1968. Alternative video title was Curse of the Diamonds .


Steve, a diamond prospector, is cheated of his property by Alfredo in a pub. He decides to take revenge and is recruited as a prospector for him. In the miners' camp, he experiences the inexorable harshness, brutality and inhumanity under which the men have to work. After some friends of his working group had to die in spite of mutual attempts to help and a revolt failed, he, with the help of Alfredo's lover, put it to the final fight.


"Pretty brutal adventure film based in Ceylon based on a familiar pattern."

“A naive story without tension, but with a lot of clichés. Superfluous for everyone. "

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