Radical Teacher

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Radical Teacher

description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise pedagogy
language English
publishing company Center for Critical Education, Inc.
First edition 1975
Frequency of publication three times a year (Spring, Fall, Winter issue)
Editor-in-chief collective
Web link radicalteacher.library.pitt.edu/ojs/index.php/radicalteacher
ISSN (print)

Radical Teacher is a socialist , feminist and anti-racist magazine devoted to issues of education . It is three times a year by the Center for Critical Education Inc. released. The magazine is designed by a collective of 50 people and was founded in 1975 .

Radical Teacher aims to publish articles that are relevant for left-wing educators and teachers at all levels of the education system .

The magazine reports on pedagogy and the curriculum, as well as on issues of upbringing related to gender and sexuality , globalization , racism and similar topics. She tries to investigate the origins of social inequality and takes the approach that educators should also be activists who fight for social change.

Each issue has a key topic to which most of the articles are dedicated. Among the topics treated in the past, including teaching in a Time of War (, teaching in wartime ') Race in the Classroom (breed in the classroom') and Beyond Identity Politics (, Beyond Identity Politics ').

In addition to articles, Radical Teacher also includes book reviews, teaching tips, and teacher-relevant news.

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