Ragle Glacier

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Ragle Glacier
location Marie Byrd Land , West Antarctica
Mountains Ford Ranges
Coordinates 76 ° 28 ′  S , 145 ° 32 ′  W Coordinates: 76 ° 28 ′  S , 145 ° 32 ′  W
Ragle Glacier (Antarctica)
Ragle Glacier
drainage Block Bay

The Ragle Glacier is a small glacier in Marie Byrd Land in West Antarctica . It drains the western end of the Fosdick Mountains in the Ford Ranges and flows between Mount Ferranto and Mount Avers in a north-westerly direction to Block Bay on the Saunders Coast .

The first aerial photographs were taken during the United States Antarctic Service Expedition (1939–1941). The United States Geological Survey mapped it based on its own measurements and aerial photographs of the United States Navy from 1959 to 1965. The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names named it in 1970 after Benjamin Harrison Ragle (1888-1956), personal physician to the US American Polar explorer Richard Evelyn Byrd , who advised and financially supported the United States Antarctic Service expedition in medical matters.

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