Rerum ecclesiae

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The encyclical Rerum Ecclesiae was published on February 28, 1926 by Pope Pius XI. released. It bears the subtitle: "On the duty and manner of promoting the sacred mission". This letter gave a strong impetus to the missionary work of the Catholic Church .

Beggar for Christ

Addressing the missionaries , he explained the missionary work and urged them not to be afraid to become “beggars for Christ” and beggars for the “salvation of souls”. He describes one of the most important characteristics for missionaries as “mercy” and asks that the poorest people, those in need, those who are sick, those who are hungry and thirsty, be met with the mercy of God. He pointed out that the mission of mission was also given to the mother of Jesus .

Duty and type of mission

He again goes into the basis of the mission and underlines that it has always been the task of the popes to convey the good news and the Christian world to the people. He wants to ensure that proselytizing will also be taken over by the compatriots of the mission countries, because they have the means in hand and are less distant from the locals.

Apostolic instruction

He instructs the clergy and says that it is "our" (he means his) will and command, the "natives", and here he means the indigenous population of the mission country, not the path to priesthood or monasticism should be denied . Nor should they be viewed as “inferior people” with “limited intelligence”, rather they are “equal members” of the Church. They should then also be given missionary work in their own country.

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