Reynwerd Dene

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Reynwerd Dene , even pure Ward Dene (*;? † after 1410 ), was a Bremer councilor and 1394-1410 Mayor . In 1400 and 1407 he was one of the representatives of Bremen at the respective Hanseatic days .


Reynward Dene first appears on July 13, 1376 as a councilor . In 1394 he became mayor, until 1410 he remained in the Bremen council . In 1400 Dene took part in the Hanseatic Day in Stade alongside Johann Brand , Johann Hemeling and Luder Wolers as a council messenger . In 1405, when Dene was mayor, Johann Hemeling was elected in place of Luder Wolerike in another council district. Since a change in the law in 1398, the five councilors of the council district, whose mayor had resigned, chose from all of Wittheit (Bremen's name for the council) whoever they thought was suitable. They were no longer tied to the men who came from their own council district.

In 1405 Dene bequeathed his goods to the poor in Stedingerland , Riede and Mahndorf .

At Pentecost 1407 Dene again represented the council of Bremen at a Hanseatic day, this time in Lübeck , together with Friedrich Wigger . There it was decided to equip four large warships ("vredeschepen") in order to fight the Vitalienbrüder . Bremen was to provide one of them together with the Livonian and Pomeranian cities. Bremen was able to make an advance of 300 marks on the fleet, which had to be compensated for with the pound money that all Hanseatic cities were supposed to contribute.


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