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Robert Priebsch (born June 11, 1866 in Tannwald , Bohemia; † May 25, 1935 in Perchtoldsdorf , Austria) was a German specialist in German .


Priebsch came from a German-Bohemian industrial family. He went to high school in Prague and Reichenberg and later studied at the universities of Leipzig , Prague, Berlin , Strasbourg and Graz . During his studies in 1888 he became a member of the Landsmannschaft Marchia Berlin . He was promoted to Dr. phil. PhD . Priebsch was a professor of German literature and language, among other stations in Great Britain he taught a. a. at the Institute of Germanic Studies at the University of London and was considered by some to be the founder of German philology in the United Kingdom. His focus was on researching Old High German, Middle High German and Old Low German manuscripts. He was married with a daughter, Hannah.


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  • Brother Rausch: Facsimile edition of the oldest Low German print (A) together with the woodcuts of the Dutch print (J) from 1596 / in. u. with e. Bibliography vers. by Robert Priebsch. - Zwickau: Ullmann, 1919. Digitized edition of the University and State Library Düsseldorf
  • German manuscripts in England. 2 volumes (in 1 volume), Erlangen 1896–1901; Reprint Olms, Hildesheim / New York 1979.
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