Roller shutter cutter LS2

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LS2 in Stendal-Borstel, 2019
Type: Glider
Design country:

Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany


Rolladen Schneider Flugzeugbau

First flight:

March 10, 1973

Number of pieces:


The LS2 is an experimental one-off glider.


The first flight was carried out on March 10, 1973. The 15 m flap airplane was created under the influence of the rule of the time for the standard class , which did not allow flaps overlaid on the ailerons . Due to this rule, the ailerons were very short and deep in order to have as much space as possible for the flaps. The horizontal stabilizer of the LS2 was also used in the LS1-e .


For reasons of center of gravity the wing had a negative sweep of 3 degrees. The profile FX 67-K-170 was used as the profile . Because no additional landing or airbrake flaps were permitted in addition to the flaps, it was possible to land with the flaps in a landing position of up to 60 degrees. This made landing very difficult. That was probably also the reason why the LS2, unlike the PIK-20B , which was very similar in design, did not go into series production.


Helmut Reichmann won the world championship of the standard class with the LS2 in 1974 in Waikerie, Australia .

Technical specifications

Parameter Data (D-2971)
crew 1
span 15 m
Wing area 10.29 m²
Wing extension 21.87
Glide ratio 40 at 100 km / h
Empty mass 240 kg
Takeoff mass 360 kg

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