Roller shutter cutter LS7

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Roller shutter Schneider LS7 WL, D-3903, Call Sign 1X (former AX)
Type: Glider
Design country:

Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany


Rolladen Schneider Flugzeugbau

First flight:

December 1987

Number of pieces:


The LS7 is a standard class single-seat glider .


The LS7 was designed by Rolladen Schneider with the aim of being able to offer a competitive LS4 successor for the standard class . The first flight of the LS7 took place in December 1987, series production started in 1988. As part of product maintenance, winglets were available from 1991, which significantly improved the climbing performance in thermals. Compared to the competition model Schleicher ASW 24 , however, the competition successes looked rather modest. Production was stopped in 1993 after 164 copies.


The LS7 has a smaller wing compared to the LS4. The wing area is 9.73 m², as much as the LS1 . The LS7 has a newly profiled double trapezoidal wing in KfK sandwich construction. The ailerons and elevator are made of Kevlar . The fuselage and fin are made of GRP . The glider index is 106, with winglets 107.

Technical specifications

span 15 m
length 6.66 m
height 1.33 m
Wing area 9.73 m²
Wing extension 23.1
Empty weight with minimum equipment approx. 235 kg
Max. Water ballast 170 kg plus 5.5 kg in the rear tank
Max. Take-off mass 486 kg
Max. Wing loading 49.95 kg / m²
V NE 270 km / h
V A 190 km / h
Slightest sinking 0.63 m / s
Glide ratio approx. 43

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