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Type: 18 m class glider with flaps
Design country:

Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany


Rolladen Schneider Flugzeugbau , DG Flugzeugbau

First flight:

June 6, 2003

Production time:

2007 to?

Number of pieces:


The LS10 is a single-seat, high-performance glider in the 18 m class with flaps and the option of flying in the FAI racing class with a 15 m wingspan.


The LS10 is the latest development from DG Flugzeugbau in Bruchsal, based on the LS10 prototype developed by the former company Rolladen Schneider. Various improvements to this initial development led to the market-ready version of the LS10-s.


The wing is a new development, while the fuselage has largely been taken over from the LS6c . Changes compared to the LS6 are, for example, the serially installed mosquito cleaner garages and the Piggott hook .

All LS10-s were delivered ready for the engine. The tried and tested engine of the LS8-st with the DEI-NT engine control system developed by DG Flugzeugbau was used as a turbo engine in the LS10-st .


With the first prototype of the LS10, Holger Back , production manager and managing director at DG, won the German championship in the 18 m class in 2005. The LS10 is no longer in the DG range in 2018. A total of 19 were produced.

Technical specifications

Parameter LS10-s 15 m LS10-st 15 m LS10-s 18 m LS10-st 18 m
Wingspan including winglets 15 m 18 m
Winglet height 0.5 m ?
Wing area 10.27 m² 11.45 m²
Wing extension 21.9 28.3
Hull length 6.763 m
Empty weight with minimum equipment 288 kg 328 kg 295 kg 335 kg
Water ballast 190 l
Water ballast fin 10 l
Wing division at 7 m
Max. Takeoff mass 540 kg 600 kg
Wing loading max. 52.6 kg / m² 52.4 kg / m²
Wing loading (80 kg payload) 35.8 kg / m² 39.7 kg / m² 32.8 kg / m² 36.2 kg / m²
Top speed 280 km / h
Maneuver speed 200 km / h
Glide ratio (at 525 kg) 45 50
Lowest sink rate (at 420 kg) 0.61 0.51
Technical data of the drive
Parameter Data
engine Solo 2350
Engine type 2-cylinder 2-stroke
Engine power 16.9 kW (23 hp)
Fuel tank (hull) 13 l or 17 l
best climb 1.3 m / s
propeller KS-1-G-079-L-050-W
Propeller diameter 0.5 m

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