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The LS 5
Type: Glider
Design country:

Germany Federal RepublicFederal Republic of Germany BR Germany


Rolladen Schneider Flugzeugbau

First flight:

April 26, 1988

Number of pieces:


The LS5 is a single-seat glider of the open class .


It was to be built in a small series of ten aircraft. After the Schempp-Hirth Nimbus-3 and the Schleicher ASW 22 appeared in 1981 , Walter Schneider abandoned this plan. The molds for this aircraft were already ready, so a one-off piece was built. The aircraft was not realized by Rolladen Schneider, but in the amateur construction phase by Klaus Mies from Kaiserslautern in the workshop of Akaflieg Saarbrücken at the Saarland University . The first flight took place in 1988.

The LS5 bears the registration number D-7742 and the competition registration number "A3" (alpha three). It is stationed at the Augsburg airfield .

Technical specifications

Parameter Data
class Open
crew 1
span 23 m
Wing area 12.40 m²
Wing loading 30.4-36.3 kg / m²
Glide ratio 55 at 100 km / h
Slightest sinking 0.50 m / s at 75 km / h
Empty mass 287 kg
Max. Takeoff mass 450 kg

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