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Georg Brütting (born April 27, 1913 in Stuttgart ; † August 7, 1997 in Coburg ) was a German author , pilot, elementary school rector and from 1970 to 1972 third mayor (FDP) of Coburg. As a war correspondent, he also wrote for Nazi war propaganda and published publications on aviation after the Second World War .


Brütting completed training as a teacher from 1927 to 1933. In the Second World War he worked as a war correspondent from 1939 to 1945 , he also published books on gliding, which appeared in several editions. In 1943 he published Das Echo von der Rhön and Wagnis am Himmel in the book series Adler-Bücherei , which was published by the Luftwaffe's military service for propaganda purposes .

He followed up on these publications after the end of the war. After 1945 he published the first German aviation magazine after the Second World War and, along with Oskar-Heinrich Bär, was one of the founders of the German Aero Club , of which he was president from 1977-1983. In 1958 he and Edgar Dittmar won a Piper J 3 C on a flight to Germany . After the death of Peter Supfs , he continued his work on The Book of German Flight History: The Great Era of German Aviation until 1945 and completed the third volume. The first two volumes appeared in 1935 with a foreword by Hermann Göring and were reissued by Drei Brunnen Verlag in a slightly different form in 1956 and 1958 .

With his wife Gretl, geb. Baumgardt, he had the son Rolf, who became director of studies. He himself was the rector of Coburg from 1960 to 1975.



  • A discount of 4 running meters. or 76 AU are in the Coburg State Archives.

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